American Idol Results: A Shocker!

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Following one of the most impressive performance nights in years, American Idol served of a genuine shocker tonight.

First, Thia Megia and Casey Abrams found themselves in the bottom three along with Stefano Langone. Once Megia was sent back to the safe zone, it came down to the latter wild card entry and the former unique crooner, who has taken more risks than any contestant to date.

But they appeared to fail Casey this week, as Ryan announced he had been voted out.

Still Safe

Hoping to remain alive, Casey brought back his original audition song, "I Don't Need No Doctor." But Abrams only made it through a few lines when Randy Jackson stopped him... because the panel voted to save him!

Two finalists will be eliminated next week, as Jennifer Lopez tole the stunned Casey: "We just want you to get back to being the musician that you are. No more antics... You deserve to be here."

Think Casey were deserving of the judges' save? Sound off now!

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Casey and James always have my vote.... They rock and I am so glad the judges saved Casey... He did not deserve to go home...I hope to see both of them on the finale...


What is Idol material? Someone who doesn't sound like their voice is being run through a broken fuzzbox everytime he tries to sing!


And what is Idol material exactly? A good ol' country boy like Scotty or a blonde teenager like Lauren? Give me a break. Idol needs a true artist as a winner this year, but it won't happen cause America is so damn predictible.The voters don't like to take risk, so they wont vote for one of the kids that like to take some risks. Too bad.
On an other note, happy that the judges told Pia that she needs to do something else than ballads. For now, comparing her to Celine or any other diva is a blasphemy. She only showed that she can sing. Oh great, thousounds can sing like you. To be a true star, you need more than that. And for now, Pia showed to America and the rest of the world that a phonebook has more personnality than her. The girl has an amazing talent, but she does not entertain me for a second.
Rooting for: James, Jacob, Casey and Paul!


Casey Abrams is one of the strongest musicians on idol!!!! He has a voice UNIQUE VOICE he always has a different song to sing and he is never boring, I dont think that world needs a new Celine or Mariah and presenters of then are Pia and Thia BORINGGGG, or a new Justin Bieber like Stefano??!!! COME ON!! Casey Abrams, Paul Mcdonald, Jacob Lusk, James Durbin and Haley Reinheart and SCotty are UNIQUE!!!!


By the way, when is tvfanatic finalyl going to update the picture at the top of its American Idol stories? Ellen, Simon and Kara are long gone!


What a complete waste of a save! While Casey has lots of musical talent (aside from his singing, which is downright painful), he's not idol material. There are far better singers in the group who might just need that save in the coming weeks. I'll bet the judges would be kicking themselves if Casey gets voted off anyway in a week or two but then some truly deserving singer ends up going home because they wasted their save on an immature clown who sounds like he's passing a kidney stone every time he sings!