Are Sweets and Daisy Doomed on Bones?

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Booth and Brennan recaptured the magic, at least in part, during last week's Bones. But as their romantic journey continues, is another couple's future in peril?

When last the series checked in on Sweets and Daisy, the baby-faced shrink had gone ring shopping only to get cold feet (Booth's own proposal went haywire).

Does John Francis Daley (Sweets) see his character getting down on one knee again? Or will factors beyond his control mean the end of his relationship?

Sweets, Daisy, B-Squared

“Sweets was sort of scared into [realizing] that rushing into marriage so quickly might not necessarily be the best idea for a young man such as himself,” Daley told TV Line.

“So I think he’s taking a little bit of time ... You know, playing the field.”

Daley claims that as far as he knows, the state of the Sweets/Daisy romance is “up in the air,” yet he suggests that his alter ego “could very well” pop the question anew.

Of course, there's the small matter of Carla Gallo's future on the show ...

On the heels of filming roles for a Cameron Crowe movie (We Bought a Zoo) and a pilot (The CW’s Danni Lowinski), she will be returning as Daisy towards season’s end.

But for what exact purpose? A last hurrah?

“I would like a proposal. I’m hoping for a proposal, but I don’t know,” Gallo says, but seeing how the first one went, “I feel like maybe a girl doesn’t get a second proposal.”

There have been rumors that the sniper will fell one or more characters this season, and with Gallo potentially starring in her own series, Daisy seems a prime candidate.

Stay tuned ...

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I cant deal with Daisy even a little bit; way too annoying. Get rid of her permanently PLEASE!!!


I love Sweets! Sweets like his name sweet, and its an endering quality that balances the show. Bones is cold, Angela is like hippy cool, Hodgens is paranoid with goverments stuff, Caroline is tough as nails and the director(i forgot her name) she like doesnt really care about the others). Having Sweets is great he brings that ballance. Daisy is I think they should off her if anyone has to be killed of.

Beverly brooks

I have never love the Daisy character. If the writers kill her off, fine, do it. Sweets is ok in small doses although I think his character is very young to be in his position.


There is such an amazing lack of creativity in TV and movies today. The only thing the so-called writers can think of to "liven up" a story is to kill off or otherwise dispose of one of the characters. Maybe if they made the stories less about the personal lives of the main characters and more about the actual storylines, they wouldn't have such diffculty in maintaining an interesting story line. And wouldn't keep making repeats of the same movies!


I like Sweets. :) Daisy is just, meh. I can deal with her in small doses. No one will replace Zack. #$@*@(#$ writers. Love how they just left that twisted, demented story arc up in the air. I can't even imagine Sweets just sitting on the fact that he's in prison for a crime he didn't truly commit. Ugh don't get me started.

Sue ann

I've said it before, and I still want to see Daisy go away and stay away forever. It would be nice if Sweets went with her, but I suppose that won't happen. The character is grating and unbelievable, totally self-involved and obnoxious. The Jeffersonian lab staff was right several seasons back when they all refused to work with her, and I've never been too clear on why they continue to put up with her since Lance begged her way back onto the job. She did not change.

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