Arizona's Parents, Callie's Mom Cast on Grey's Anatomy

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We've already met Callie's father, Carlos Torres, played by Hector Elizondo. Now get ready to meet her mom - and BOTH of Arizona's parents - on Grey's Anatomy!

TV Guide reports that Judith Ivey (Designing Women, Big Love) and Denis Arndt (Picket Fences, The Practice) will play Barbara and Col. Robbins, parents to Arizona.

Callie's dad is also set to return along with his wife, Lucia, a role now being cast. This has to be a harbinger of Callie and Arizona getting married this spring, right?

AZ Parents

Meet the Robbins: Arizona's folks will make an appearance this spring.

UPDATE: Gina Gallego will play the mother of Callie. The soap opera veteran will debut May 5 as Lucia Torres, the wife of Callie's father, Carlos, who will also appear!

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omg arizona will not die she didnt even get hurt and callie will live becuz its just stupid if they take her off.. arizona's mom is alive because when george died arizona told callie "when her BROTHERdied she ate lots of donuts" so everything will work out they will get married and everything will be fine the wreck is just something to make them appreciate each other more


Buenas noches, soy fanática de Arizona/Callie. No me agradó el hecho del engaño de Calie. Me pareció horrible que apenas se marcha Arizona y se acuesta con su "mejor amigo" y de paso queda embarazada de él!. Ya con eso dios, muy noble y enamorada es Arizona. Ahora resulta que cuando al fin Arizona se anima a pedirle matrimonio a Callie sucede el accidente. Ojalá se salven ambos, tanto la madre como el bebé. Espero de corazón que la escritora permita la continuidad de ésta pareja y no la termine de manera horrorosa como siempre hacen. Ojalá se casen y sean felices. Y por favor que ya Mark deje de ser el semental de todas las chicas del hospital, ya aburre verlo en eso. Da lástima, vive en medio de la felicidad ajena, ojalá lo casen con alguien para que deje en paz a las chicas.


eghh callie is in a coma in the musical..hence why she sings the most... i hope she doesnt die...arizona is not in the train of dr's waiting for the ambulance so hopefully she wasnt in the accident with callie and is okay...


ive heard Callie's mom is gonna be Gina Gallego.
the woman is only 51,,,how old is Callie supposed to be?? imean in the show!
since Sara came to the show iwas wondering why she had to be the oldest though IRL she is the youngest. and JCap is even younger than
this show has age


kc.... dont think that way noooo..
callie and arizona are coming for the wedding not for no f-ing funeral...and to see the baby .how many episode are there going to be until may 5 gosh im happy but goshh...?


I don't think Arizona is hurt, I think she just has a scratch.I think it just Callie that is badly hurt. I think they are coming because Callie and Arizona are getting marry or they come to meet the baby.


I think the parents come cause they r both hurt in the car crash that is happening in the Musical episode...Callie is in a coma and I dont know what happens with Arizona


Gina Gallego will play Lucy Torres, Callie's mom on may 5 episode.


Am I the only one how fears that the reason for this family-meeting is a funeral??? I mean... what if arizona or callie die?? God... this musical event is killing me!


But am I the only one who see slight resemblanse of Arizona's mom with Camila Parker?

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