Arizona's Parents, Callie's Mom Cast on Grey's Anatomy

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We've already met Callie's father, Carlos Torres, played by Hector Elizondo. Now get ready to meet her mom - and BOTH of Arizona's parents - on Grey's Anatomy!

TV Guide reports that Judith Ivey (Designing Women, Big Love) and Denis Arndt (Picket Fences, The Practice) will play Barbara and Col. Robbins, parents to Arizona.

Callie's dad is also set to return along with his wife, Lucia, a role now being cast. This has to be a harbinger of Callie and Arizona getting married this spring, right?

AZ Parents

Meet the Robbins: Arizona's folks will make an appearance this spring.

UPDATE: Gina Gallego will play the mother of Callie. The soap opera veteran will debut May 5 as Lucia Torres, the wife of Callie's father, Carlos, who will also appear!

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My bad sorry have not scene that ep in a year but i did think she said mom but she did infact say brother whoops


It seems to be a GA tradition to have parents or family visit . For the second time family will presumably be present at the 'wedding' ceremony. I don't think it'll mean that Calazona's parents won't have some reservations about Mark being the father though!


No, Az never said that her mum was dead, both of her parents are fine (obviously since they are featured in this episode). As Aries93 just said her brother is dead, not her mum. I think the parents are coming for the wedding, yay!!! First I think they are coming 'coz of the accident and will be all worried, etc... & than will stay over for the wedding and will be very grateful that Calls & Az are both fine. To say that I'm happy is the underestimation of the century, I am just thrilled,.. simply elated!


@aries93 i heard "mom" cos george had died and she told callie that when her mom died she ate loads of donoughts, im aware her brother is dead though too but im sure she said mom even though it wud make a lot more sense if she said brother. again please correct me if i am wrong


McSteamy 4ever: Are you sure you didn't hear "brother" instead of "mother"? Because Arizona's brother is dead. He died well serving in the army. You should refer to episode 5.24 if you wanna hear about it. :)


Everybody stop talking about death. There will be no death. Unless you hear about contract bring broken, stop talking about the death of Arizona.
The parents are obviously there for a wedding, the birth of the baby, or because Callie and Arizona thought it was time for them all to meet as they're living together and are having a baby together. It will be their grandchild and possible spouse, so they're obviously coming to see what is going on in their children lives. Furthermore, I feel this episode will be fantastic and full of laughs. Trying to impress the parents is always funny and interesting.


Yep you're right, after the 'i'm a good soldier in a storm' speech.
I totally understand what you mean about Callie commiting to Arizona. Its like Callie does'nt appreciate how hard it must be for Arizona. Callie didn't even talk to or ask Arizona's opinion about the tests on the baby. Callie just told Arizona and Mark her decision at the same time. Whether straight, gay or whatever, say you were using a sperm donor who wanted to be involved, you would still talk to your partner about the tests, especially when your partner worked in paeds!
Then at the end of the episode Callie says how impressed she is with how Mark handling the baby situation, but she does'nt say shes impressed with how Arizona is handling it.
But I read that in the next episode, seeing Arizona fedup of Mark getting everything right, Callie gives Arizona a baby shower present of a trip away for the weekend. So maybe in the next episode we'll see some appreciation towards Arizona!
The news of the baby storyline did not excite me either, but i'm giving it a try. The thing I dont like about this storyline is the relationship is now a threesome with Mark getting involved.


*give callie's dad and mom a wedding


@H88 called's dad did say he'd like callie to give him and her mom with Arizona. He Asia so at the end of the episode in which Arizona gave the "good man in a storm speech". And I agree that I hope the parents are there for a happy reason. I love these 2 even though I have not been super excited by a lot of their story line this season. I hope they are moving in the direction of Callie making as much of a commitment to Arizona as Arizona has made to Callie.


I hope the reason the parents are there is for a happy reason. People talking about Arizona dying, I DON'T want to see that! I like Callie and Arizona together.
Is it just me, or is anybody wondering how Callie's dad will react to the baby news. He's deeply religous. Anyone remember how he reacted when he saw George, after comitting adultary when married to Callie. Slammed George against the wall and then did the same to Mark when he found out Mark had slept with Callie when she was still married.
I know he came round to the idea of Callie having a girlfriend.
But now an unwed Callie is pregnant. I can't see him being happy about that!
When he came round to Callie having a girlfriend, didn't he mention to Callie about marrying Arizona in the future. I wonder if Callie's parents pressure Callie and Arizona into marriage.

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