Body of Proof Review: Brilliant But Flawed Beginnings...

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When Dana Delany guest starred on Castle last year, it reminded me of how much I missed seeing her in a worthy lead role on prime time

I've been a fan of Delany since her days on China Beach, but I haven't loved her in everything. Where I found her stint on Desperate Housewives ill-conceived and her short lived series Kidnapped virtually unmemorable, Body of Proof gives her a vehicle that can display her considerable talents.

Dr. Megan Hunt in Action

But that doesn't mean the the series premiere didn't have its flaws. There wasn't much new here story wise, as we met Megan Hunt, a brilliant loner who needs to rebuild her life and career after a tragic accident alters both, perhaps not completely for the worse.

Why is it that all medical examiners on TV need to be somewhat socially inept and better investigators than the police detectives? It is a concept that goes all the way back to
Quincy M. E. and has become a cliche. It made this procedural feel average right from the start. 

Delany's Hunt is brilliant but blunt. She has drive and passion yet her marriage crumbled and her relationship with her daughter is in shambles. As arrogant and confrontational as Megan can be, I still find her more likable than some of her socially awkward lead counterparts (i.e. Bones' Temperance Brennan or The Mentalist's Patrick Jane), mostly because Delany sells beleaguered sarcasm better than anyone.

The supporting cast has some serious appeal of its own. Jeri Ryan's scenes - as Megan's supportive but wary boss - were brief, but left me anticipating more from her in future episodes. Nicholas Bishop's Peter Dunlop is Megan's plucky sidekick. The former police officer turned medical investigator tries to help keep Megan on track both personally and professionally with charming but mixed results.

To its credit, I'll admit the story kept me guessing about the killer. That is, until I saw the wife walk out the door. The set up quickly became so obvious you could have slapped the cuffs on her before she uttered her confession.

Few pilots really hook me, but this one did leave me looking forward to episode two. Body of Proof showcases a fantastic cast in an entertaining, albeit average, procedural. There is a lot to like and also a lot of room for it to grow.


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is the show still on, the voice took its place on my tv. did the show get cancelled?


just saying, patrick from the mentalist isn't socially awkward. that's kind of the whole point of the show- he reads people well?


Two episodes, two logic flaws... Series opener, the murder victim must be sleeping with a married man because he had a vasectomy. Couldn't have been a widower or divorcee, or maybe a guy who had lost his jewels in an accident. No, he *must* be married. Serious flaw, writers. Episode 2, opening minutes. Guy must be left handed cause his wallet is in his left pocket. I'm right handed, but keep my wallet in the left and my comb and checkbook in the right. Again, serious flaw, writers. I like Ms. Delaney, but with writing like this, if I find another one of these so easily in episode three, I won't DVR any more of the series.


I am not really a die hard fan of Dana Delaney saw her in a few things I liked but that is pretty much it. I really liked the pilot I know it wasn't the best there really aren't that many shows who have a perfect pilot. Loved her trench coat too and the ME accountant, don't remember his name looking forward to episode 2. Also really happy to see anyone from the Wire :-)


I'm surprised no one else is pointing out the fact that this show seems almost story-board-based on "House." A doctor goes through a traumatic event. Said doctor is also a blunt, almost unemotional genius which is the only way she keeps her job. She bucks authority. Stylistically speaking, the whole thing kept reminding me of a mixture of "House" and "CSI." I wasn't impressed, and I don't think I'll be keeping up with this one.


I liked the show but agree it can get better but pilots usually can. I watched for Delany too. She's great. Unlike others, so far I do like Megan better than Brennan on Bones. I have trouble relating to her even though I like the show. I also love Jane on the Mentalist for his sarcastic humor but he does have a mean streak sometimes. The scene with Megan and her daughter showed us her heart. I'm hoping that this show gets better as it goes on.


Loved Dana Delaney also since China Beach; never watched her in Desperate Housewives as I've never gotten 'into' that show. I'm fascinated by her character and both the personal and medical issues hinted at. Can't say tht she is better than Bones, but I think that Emily is hilarious when she is so clueless about so many things; caught a re-run last night where she 'fired' her dad from helping 'the kids' as Ryan called them... can you imagine firing your own father... she thought it was 'perfectly logical' -- I think there is room for another ME; welcome Dana!!!


I'm sorry but Patrick Jane from The Mentalist is not a socially awkward character. He might not care much for authority but he has a way with people, to get them on his side and to trust him. Unlike Brennan from Bones, he does not alienate other people. Love Bones though but your analogy was way off here.


Did not really like the show, it was like it was trying to explain everything in the first half of the show instead of letting things reveal over time. Dana was so likable in China beach but do not care for her in these arrogant roles. Won't make it without better writing. I agree with those saying bones us a better character.


For those who are interested, Body of Proof did well in the ratings last night. It won its time slot beating out veteran dramas The Good Wife and Parenthood. So if you liked the show, keep watching. We get a double dose of Body of Proof next week as the next new episode airs this Sunday(4/3) and then another new episode in its regular timeslot back on Tuesdays(4/5). Enjoy!

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