Bones Baby and Sniper Scoop

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The first two episodes of Bones' ongoing serial killer story arc have been outstanding. Is the show saving its best for the May season finale? Almost, but not quite.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan says the hunt for Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo) will be resolved in this season's penultimate episode, not the season-ender.

TV Guide says that helping (?) Booth and Brennan will be "a female twentysomething agent" whose inexperience puts Booth directly in Broadsky's crosshairs.

Will the sniper claim the life of one or more cast members by the time this is through? And what will the season finale hold if he's already dealt with by then?

Take Him Out!

There remains, obviously, the billion-dollar question of whether Bones and Booth get together at last. But the writers have been both tight-lipped and unsure about that one.

As for Angela and the baby, "I do believe she’ll have the baby before the end of the season," says Michaela Conlin of the future Katherine Temperance or Seeley Joseph Hodgins.

Will having the baby change her at all? Not as much as you might think, Conlin tells EW: “I feel like Angela, if anything, is gonna try to strap that baby in as she travels the world."

"That was something I definitely talked to [creator Hart Hanson] about. When the pregnancy came up, I didn’t want it to change who Angela was and how adventurous she is."

"So I feel like Hart has always been very receptive to that, besides the fact that Hodgins has a lot of money, so maybe we can have somebody helping us.”

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Am very eager for Booth and Bones to "get together" during the
remainder of this season. They would make the best couple ever.
Angela and Hodgins will have the cutest baby in all of D.C.
Oh! BTW, congratulations to Emily on her first future baby.
Very happy about David's news also.


wow...i just read that emily deschanel is pregnant. is this true. and how will this effect the plotline?


OMG please let Bones and Booth get together!!! even if it is some kinda sexy hook up scene... something, ANYTHING!


Angela & Jack's child (if a son) will be named Michael Joseph Hodgins; not "Seely Joseph" as you posted above!! Otherwise, thanks for the post!

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Brennan: Yes, I would. Then she won't be alone.
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