Castle Episode Trailer: "One Life to Lose"

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Following a few weeks off the air, Castle returns in a humorous way on Monday, March 21.

The series will pay homage to star Nathan Fillion's soap opera past via an episode titled "One Life to Lose," (The actor recurred on One Life to Live in the mid-90s.) which will feature such daytime drama veterans as Corbin Bernsen, Rebecca Budig, Cameron Mathison and Jane Seymour.

Get an early look at this fun concept in the newly-released preview posted here:

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I hope someone is still going to read this as it aired some time germany it just aired yesterday.maybe someone knows the quote i'm looking for:in the beginning of this episode martha is doing some cleaning and says something right before beckett calls castle (in german she says I need to do something or i'm gonna pull my hair out) and he relates to marthas sentence with speaking of hair (picking up the phone) hello beckett! I was just wondering what he was really saying because the thing with the hair didn't make that much sense in german...

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