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Oops. One more comment. The final line of my previous comment(Of course, this particular nonsense is pretty well universal in TV dramas, so I can't fault Suspect Behaviour specifically for this.) was supposed to follow the remark about timers on bombs. It got displaced. It might have been my fault, but I'm blaming the writers of Suspect Behaviour.


I've now watched this show three times, and each time I become more convinced it's being written by 12-year-olds. Breathlessly exclaiming mediocre lines while waving your hands around doesn't make for adult drama. Or good acting. And the conclusions they reach from the psychological "clues" are outright laughable.

Whitaker: "Okay! There's a door! There's a door! Work it out! What does that tell you?"
Garofolo: "Well, doors open. They also close. I know! You can go through doors!"
Whitaker: "Right! You can go through doors! What else?"
Garofolo: "Sometimes they're locked. Sometimes they're not."
Whitaker: "Okay! Put it together! Put it together!"
Garofolo: "The unsub is a high school principal who teaches pottery on the side!"
Whitaker: "Right! Let's roll."
Garofolo: "Okay. But how do we get out of this room?"

And why does the Irish guy (I can't even be bothered trying to remember these characters' names) get props for simply guessing which wire to cut on the bomb? It wasn't a sophisticated bomb. If he's got any experience with defusing bombs he should have been able to pick out the right wire in a couple of seconds. Instead, he sits there picking one wire, then another in a lame attempt at building suspense, and finally, in obvious desperation, cuts one at random.

Also, when you cut the wire on a bomb like that, the timer doesn't stop! Or rather, if the wire does supply electricity to the timer, then when it's cut, the timer lights go out. It's like a digital clock (well -- it is a digital clock). When you cut the power, it doesn't sit there showing the last number it ticked to: it just goes blank.

No more comments from me on this show. I won't be wasting time with it anymore. Instead, whenever it's on, I'll take a moment to silently mourn the loss of JJ and Emily from the Criminal Minds that's actually written by adults.

Of course, this particular nonsense is pretty well universal in TV dramas, so I can't fault Suspect Behaviour specifically for this.


I do watch this show, and if you noticed the numbers from the evening, I believe it won it's time slot. This show had a few good points, unfortunately, the negative seemed to outweigh it, and many of those negatives dealt with how Ms. Garafalo comes across. I, too, did not see nor understand the need for the vitamins thing, it didn't make any sense. Also, I got the sense that her character doesn't think she can be wrong very often, if at all. Confidence is one thing, but that goes beyond cocky. She just comes across so arrogant and harsh.
I do like Mick and Prophet, and maybe that is because we have a little more back history for them. I am really hoping this show gets better quickly.


Thanks Belinda Bu,

You are correct and I have fixed the typo... :)


Wasn't it Cooper and Prophet laying out the profile? Not Mick and Cooper?


I'm pretty sure this episode was meant to be the premiere....


Can't believe CBS cancelled Cold Case and Without a Trace and and got rid of the two female leads on CM and produce this. Lili Rush should have moved over to CM!


I watch this show, in fact, I follow this one more than I have even followed the original. I love this episode, so it's not completely perfect but their style has improved greatly and that makes me happy.

As for the comment in this review about Mick and Cooper's long history, I don't know why you wouldn't know, but it was always pretty clear to me that Mick and Cooper had a history between them, their interactions and little moments give hints to it, and also, the backdoor pilot during the crossover Criminal Minds episode dropped pretty big breadcrumbs about Mick and Cooper's history and Mick's loyalty to Cooper. Maybe I just watch too closely but Cooper and Mick's bond was the reason why I really got interested in seeing Suspect Behavior in the first place.


Is there anyone actually watching this show?

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