Desperate Housewives Preview: Suicide to Come?!?

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Desperate Housewives gets a little desperate in its latest episode promo.

In order to hype this Sunday's "Searching," we see bad news delivered to Susan (she really needs a new kidney) and then get shown various scenes that tease this character contemplating suicide.

Mary Alice, who followed through on this act years ago, even narrates the preview. Might Susan actually take her own life? Or might this be a misdirection that concludes with another woman (Beth?) pulling the trigger on herself? Watch and decide for yourself:

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I don't like the idea of them killing of a mian character but if they better not be Gaby or Lynette!!!! They're my favorite!!!! I want Katherine back!!!!! She was crazy and funny!!!! haha
I think it will be Beth too!!!!! I doubt it will be Renee, I like her...she doesn't do much for the show, but she's fun!!!!


i totally agree with moviefreak, it wouldn't be right if they killed off another main character like that.


they can't kill of another main character..
edie was terrible.. and she wasn't even one of the four..
bree and lynette not.. they're not that depressed..
gaby and susan could.. judging by their storylines..
but they wouldn't do that right.. I hope it's beth... how terrible that sounds..
but it also the most logical..
she has nowhere to go as we learned last episode..
plus this would be the second wife of paul to commit suïcide..
makes you wonder...

Desperate Housewives Quotes

I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


(narrating) Family. There is nothing more important. They're the ones who show up when we are in trouble. The ones who push us to succeed. The ones who help keep our secrets. But what of those who have no family to rely on? What happens to those poor souls who have no loved ones to help them in their hour of need? Well, most learn to walk life's road by themselves. But a sad few of us, simply stop trying.

Mary Alice
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