Eric to Remain Recurring Character on Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl fans generally love Eric, who's been a key part of the show since the beginning, yet he has also vanished for long stretches in each of the four seasons.

Connor Paolo, who plays the character, has no problems with this arrangement, nor does he plan on changing it. In fact, he values his freedom to do other things.

“I’m very happy with my position on the show and I have no interest in changing it,” says Paolo, who negged a chance to become a series regular in Season 2.

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Regular or not, Eric appearances are always appreciated.

“Watching Blake [Lively] and Penn [Badgely] and the things they have to deal with as regulars, because they're on the posters and they are the face of the show."

"It's not something I’m totally ready for right now.”

Whatever works for him. Occasional Eric story arcs seem to fit the bill. Now if only we could get him to bring Taylor Momsen back into the fold at some point ...

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I'm just wondering is he actually gay? Or is it just his role ? He doesnt seem gay anyway but then again he doesnt get that much screen time and relationships thats seen on screen.


No offense, but I find Eric to be very irrelevant to the show, even on the episode which featured a party revolved around him...


@Aries93, actually, not that I am prejudicial but Connor Paolo is openly gay.


Omg gossip girl isn't the chair show. This season has basically revolved on people out to get serena. Chuck and Blair are two main characters in a relationship(and out of a relationship) therefore they're going to have many scenes together!


And leighton meester Connor ?


No offence to the actor, but maybe he doesn't want to become a regular as he may have to play more of a gay role in the romantic department and he just does not want that?

Kimberly anne

Ummm i like Connor and all and I do enjoy watching his character but he has never been more wrong when he said Blake and Penn are the face of the show. Its Chair now and it will always be Chair. Its like he's in the show but doesn't pay attention to the storyline lines or something.


aww Eric we love you! :]


Big whoop...


Aww I always wanted Eric to be a regular, and yea I always pictured him being the reason Jenny comes back!

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