EXCLUSIVE: Amber Tamblyn Speaks on the Creation of Martha Masters

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While House fans debate whether or not they are happy with the way Huddy has been treated this season, there's no question about Amber Tamblyn's role on the Fox series.

The actress has been a welcome addition as Martha Masters, a medical student whose honest nature has often clashed with the controversial title doctor. In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, Tamblyn talks about coming on board such an established show and teases her character's exit...

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How did the role of Martha Masters come about?
David Shore approached me and asked me what kind of character I wanted to play. It was very humbling. I've got a friend named Martha Masters who is a medical student and not as socially awkward as this character, but she was a huge fan of the show and said she'd love if we based the character around her.

Was it difficult to come aboard such a well-established show?
I really thought it would be. Actors that have worked together for so long form a family and I was afraid it would feel like I was in foster care. But I really fell in love with all of them, Omar [Epps], Peter [Jacobson] and Jesse [Spencer]. We still send each other BBMs and texts.

You've been fortunate enough to have a lot of one on one scenes with Hugh Laurie. What was it like to work with him?
I just have such large admiration for him. He has an English accent, but has had to Americanize this difficult language and make it all seem so natural. He's amazing. I like to say he has multiple layers of attractiveness.

What kind of a challenge was it for you to learn such language?
That was the trickiest part of what they do, and they are such masters at it. The aim is to make it so it doesn't feel like a medical show, there's an art to what they do and it was difficult at first be Masters and be quirky and weird while trying to pronounce words I'd never heard of before.

Can you give us an idea of why Masters exits the show?
Growth. That's the word for the character. She may break one of her own rules for the first time. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a moral rule, but you'll see her do something in a different way than she's ever done it before.

Tamblyn's final episode of House, written by Shore, will air on April 18. She'll certainly be missed by this fan, who has adored her on the series and appreciated this conversation with such a thoughtful, dedicated actress.

But Amber said she's leaving for a "very good reason" and we'll soon know why.

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