EXCLUSIVE: Ian Somerhalder Talks to TV Fanatic

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It's the aspect of my TV Fanatic set visit for which many of you have been waiting.

Hopefully, you enjoyed my diary of a day spent in Atlanta with the cast of this hit show. And, hopefully, you don't hate me too much for getting my photo taken with Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and company.

Now, I'm excited to present my exclusive, one-on-one interview with the smoldering actor who brings Damon Salvatore to life.

In the two segments below, Somerhalder talks about the blur of this season; interacting with Katherine vs. Elena; and the lengths to which his character will go to save the woman he loves...


i love damon hes great guy i think xoxo


I totaly love this dude...
God thank you for creating this hottt man


A wonderful job. Super hefulpl information.


haha ily damon


Seriously madly in love
he is hot!!!!!


Great interview i wonder if damon dying for elena will be a cliffhanger


Good lord man, spit it out. Were not talking rocket science. Just talk.


I super love you Ian...He acts so natural and sort of thinking of what he's suppose to say...Love Damon....


hahaha...ian is so deep


I'm a 24-year-old woman who's been in a relationship for the past 6 years with a fella with whom I'm madly in love, but every time I see Ian Somerhalder on the screen, or hear him talk, I melt. So embarrassing! (He's this gorgeous, thoughtfully-spoken, socially conscious man - geez, no one tell my love that if Ian would so much as give me the time of day, I might not be able to resist...)

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