Glee Spoilers Galore: Who is Going to the Prom? Who is Returning for Season 3?

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From prom dates to scoop on season three, the Glee panel at yesterday's PaleyFest was chock full of spoilers and tidbits for fans of the show to gobble up and buzz over until this show returns on April 19.

Let's get right to the revealing information, shall we?

Darren Criss and Chris Colfer
Amber Riley at PaleyFest

- Kurt and Blaine will attend the prom together later this season. ”That story is ripped-from-the-headlines,” said Ryan Murphy. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?”

- Blaine will audition for New Directions next season.

- Kristin Chenoweth’s April Rhodes will be back and will sing another
Glee original song: “It’s 10 am, I’m Drunk." How amazing is that?!?

- Murphy hopes Gwyneth Paltrow returns on season three: “Gwyneth is sort of the muse of the show. I’m friendly with her. And Brad has become quite friendly with her... She has opinions. She’s great.”

- An episode dedicated to Fleetwood Mac’s classic album, “Rumors,” is on the way.

- Mercedes will get a love interest.

- Look for the Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle, along with the group's rivalry with Vocal Adrenaline, to play a key role as we heard toward the second season finale.

- There will continue to be a focus on Santana's sexuality and solo journey.

- - Jane Lynch laughed over Sue forming the “Legion of Doom” to take down the New Directions. It will include Terri, Sandy Ryerson and Cheyenne Jackson’s Dustin Goolsby.

- Charice will return.

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so no santana did not come to terms with her bisexuality. she pretty much said she was a lesbian! I am so excited for the brit/santana sex part! haha! they wil be the cutest couple! WHO IS SUGAR! i remember her from something but i know i will not like her character! she seems annoying!


I Love Finchel I cried when they kissed I hope in Season3 that they will be together&Stay. Can't wait for New Glee!


I can't wait for Season 3. I love April Rhodes and her original song 'I've slept with you' though I wish it would have been longer. I don't like Samcedes but I love Sam and Quinn to be a couple. I also love Mike and Brittany.


I agree with doesnt matter if your girl/guy guy/guy or girl/girl..who ever you fall in love with its who you fall in love cant change that..they are my two favorite people and i cant wait to see how Blaine comes to New Directions..and there better be more running dry here


I HATE KLAINE!! they suck!! Worst couple ever!!!!! Puckleberry ftw!


I love Klain so much!! they are so cute together and obviously kurt is my favorite character!! If they have to keep klain. I hope everyone will become more tolerant I mean It doesn't matter if the couple is two boys or a girl and a boy if they love each other!!


glee needs to add some spice! Though we love the show, we feel the writers have taken a wrong turn. 1. Song choice: They used to be better than the original but they are now copies of new and popular hits. The one exception is the Warblers songs. 2. Plot: Lacking life. Very predictable. They need to shake it up a bit. 3. Relationships: Finchel - Keep the tension. Finn - stop being a cheesy liner. Rachel - Get over Finn!! Star in a broadway play and date Puck..... PLEASE! Quinn + Finn - Realize each others motives. Finn - wake up and smell the faker (Quinn). Quinn - eat a slize of humble pie. Klaine - keep it up! Brittana - wait until you are more mature. Does Brittany even understand the term "lesbian"? Britney + Artie - Sweet but will it last? Tina + Mike - Good choice. Puck + Lauren - Hilarious but keep it real, man. Lauren - Great comedy relief. Holly + Willy - tension??? Sue + Sue - You were meant for each other.


Ok I'll start with the good
so I LOVE Klaine! I litterally sqweeled when they kissed! They are so cute! I hope that throgh challenges they stll stay vtogether! So Happy ZMercedes will be getting a man she really deserves one! VERY happy christine Chenowith will be coming back! I LOVE HER! and Gwenith Paltrow too!
I also loved the orrigional songs and love that their will be more
Ok Now for the bad
The Quin/Finn/Rachel triangle thing should end I hate Quinn Finn needs to realize she's just using him! I'll be happy if Finchel gets back together but not right away let them just be single for a while and maybe date other people. Though I thought Santana's love confession scene with Brittany was very touvhing, There's already kovoski (sorry if i misspelled that) wait at least until he comes to turms with it before bringig in a stoty that nearly the same to it, or just leave it out, some people don't have to have exlinations of why their a bitch some people simply just are that way. If you must give her bitchiness an explentation make it something different like a troubled home life or something, to change things up a bit coming to term with your sexuality and relationship struggles are not the only challenges teens face!
Will and Holly better not last i just can't see that working at all we need Wemma back!
The volal Adrenaline ? New Directions Rivalry is done tryong to bring back Jessie StJames would be pretty dumb move on from that! Going back to the origional songs, they were great and i'm glad there will be more but something that epic should have been saved for Nationals! I also like to hear covers so i hope they don't do only original songs and continue with amazing covers as well.
Despite All the bad things i've said Overall i really love the show and what it stands for and am proud to call myself a Gleek!




so ecstatic about Klaine (or Blurt - whichever one works)
i think puck and lauren should be together, but puckelberry is an awesome name! :D
brittany/artie are sweet together
and so are tina/mike
santana should find someone else
and im so glad that mercedes is FINALLY getting a real love interest
:D cant wait for it to continue again

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