Gossip Girl Spoilers: I Need to Find Blair ...

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I need to find Blair.

With these words at the end of Monday's episode, "Empire of the Son," Chuck Bass signaled that he's not out of the picture as far as his former love is concerned.

Thanks to the Dan and Blair kiss, so much is up in the air. Will Dair remain romantic? Will Chair make a resurgence? And where the heck does Prince Louis fit in?

A Chair Chat

DAIR TO CHAIR: Is Dan just a speed bump on Blair's road back to Chuck?

Entertainment Weekly's spoiler room addressed this topic today, pointing to Chuck’s last words, as written above. How far will he go to fight for her? Is there any hope for Chair?

Tell us what you predict and where you stand on this potential love triangle (or rectangle, thanks to the returning prince) brewing when the show returns April 18 ...

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Chuck & Blair's Relationship is very controversial, most of what chuck did to blair, the drama in a relationship happens in real life ( except the part that she got traded in for a hotel ) but you can see how in love they are with each other. I just hope that Chuck stops being an Ass to blair. I'm not an anti Dan Blair but i just dont think they belong together, though dan is a really sweet guy. They JUST DONT FIT. But i'd love to see them get sweet so chuck gets jealous and really see what blair means to him.


Chuck & Blair are ADDICTED to each other. No offense with the DAIR fans but i think Dan & Blair together are just BORING.


ahhhh I just stopped here, I can't sleep and I see that a lot of people are still for Dair. I don't know what is gonna happen, I know Chuck and Blair are not getting back together by this season but Dan and Blair will not last either :(
and for the record, I love Chuck Bass, he's my favorite male character in GG no matter what he does but I want Blair happy with Dan, the prince or whoever, she deserves a fairy tale, for a time, while she returns to Chuck :) can't wait for 4X18... even my boyfriend is starting to be on GossipGirl, he refused at the beginning but he is becoming team Chair too jojojo Blessings girls! let's see what happens


dair are rocking my world finally watching gg is entertaning again
i hate chair


I love Dair i think they are so cute together and work so well. I use to be a huge Chair fan but Chuck just made Blair question herself and I love Blair she makes the show. I have to say I read a couple of the comments and a lot of you take this too seriously. Don't get me wrong I love GG too but still I think everyone should be able to like whoever they like. I really hope that Dair gets together but I don't think they will at least not until season 6 because I think Dan and Blair are going to pretend the kiss didn't mean anything. Plus normally the writters have it so as soon as we start to see a pairing they are together in a couple weeks but not with Dair. They have small cute moments throughout and i really hope they get together and get married!


Chuck and Blairrr please!


Chuck and Blair are Inevitable.


I've been listening to the new Adele album and the song One and Only fits Dair well. I hope the writers take chance.


I had some free time today , and watched some CB scenes on youtube It make me realise how much I miss them .I can't wait to see new amazing scene of them .CB forever :)


My, the comments are certainly entertaining. Lol. Thanks for that.
Personally, I want more DAIR! They are fun to watch. Leighton and Penn are killing it!

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