Classic Gossip Girl Moments: The Dan-Blair Kiss

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We were promised a major Gossip Girl cliffhanger involving Dan and Blair, and boy did we get it. Here's another look at the (possible) couple's climactic scene last night.

The ending of "Empire of the Son" was not just the culmination of this episode, but the last six, during which we've watched Dair's relationship grow, and flourish.

Where does Dair go after this? Was it really just one kiss? It's very much up in the air, but this moment is guaranteed to have fans buzzing until April 18 rolls around.

There's no doubt that the chemistry of Dair has been fun to watch this winter, and plenty of nonbelievers have been won over. But should it last? That's another story.

What do you think: Should Dan and Blair become a real couple?

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