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I really wanna say I enjoyed "Bombshells." I wanna give it credit for being different and well-produced and an interesting change of pace from the typical House formula. Because it was all those things.

But this is the sad truth: when I first saw House grab Cuddy from underneath her bed, I legitimately had to stop the show for a moment and recall where these two stood at the conclusion of last week's episode. That's how much the show has jerked around viewers via this inconsistent relationship.

For that reason, I haven't been invested in the Huddy. I should have been broken up when they broke up tonight, right? But didn't we just see Cuddy scream that she had had enough on "Two Stories?" It's hard to get worked up, or even to follow along, when the status of this couple has oscillated from week to week.

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I can safely say, however, that I didn't see House's addiction playing a role. That development took me by surprise.

But I find myself straining to care. I just feel like we've been here before. House tries to be happy, House tries to be normal, House falls back into the routine of someone scared and miserable. Is that the life of an addict? Yes. Does it make for entertaining television? Not seven seasons in.

I was even rolling my eyes at the issue of whether or not House would visit Cuddy when she was sick. This also feel like a weekly storyline. Will House attend Cuddy's fundraiser? Will he be there for Rachel? Will he... do all the normal and caring things that a boyfriend should do? When this is called into question week after week, I stop feeling sympathy for House and his struggles and start to just wonder: why is anyone close to this guy?!?

So, why did I give this episode a decent rating, despite all the criticism? I'll always reward effort, and serious attention was paid to make this an atypical hour of television. The Two and a Half Men mockery was especially timely, of course, and all other genre spoofs were very well done.

While not as funny as usual, there were also enough profound House quotes to keep me interested and I'll never tire of Hugh Laurie.

But I do fear that there's no more story left to tell with his character. We've seen him hit rock bottom over a woman (Stacey) and we've seen him battle pills before (the first five seasons). After waiting so long to get him together with Cuddy, I was hoping the show would give this relationship the time and respect it's earned.

Instead, Huddy has felt off balance from the premiere. I never felt attached to the couple and I'm almost glad they've now split so we can just return to the awkward, wacky, sarcastic, intense world of Princeton Plainsboro and the true heart of the show (Wilson and House's friendship)... but then I remember that we'll be watching House's downward spiral for at least a week to come and I have to stifle a groan.

Can anyone convince me otherwise? I really do wanna fall back in love with the show.


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I must admit I haven't watched House for a couple of years now as I tired of the pill addiction thing.. but recently I started watching again and I must say I have enjoyed the growth of House and the attempt at reaching his emotions and true feelings! Addicts relapse, as do we all at one thing or another. What I would like to see is their relationship continue as obstacles appear and work through them in the midst of their work. Depth needs to be created for relationships to run smoother. Cuddy and House are at the top of their game in the medicine world.. but can't seem to grasp on to the fact that relationships ( their own ) might not ever be at the top... Hang in their writers! We still want more...


I'd give it a "B" for effort. And a "B" for the use of TV/movie dreams. (Could have been an "A," but they went to that well too many times.) But a "D" for use of the tired old "main character has a medical crisis" plot device. And "F" for putting House on Vicodin, just because. It would be one thing if his leg was hurting again. But because he didn't want to visit his girlfriend in the hospital? Give me a break. It's like the writers didn't know where to go from here, so they figured "let's put him back on Vicodin."


I did enjoy the zombies.




One of the best episode of the show. I didn´t know i was so invested in the couple until they broke up. I was crying like a baby. On a side note, Lisa Edelstein is smoking hot and the dance scene was amazing


Oh great, now the writers are going to recycle the Stacy storyline. House miserable and pining for a woman. YAY /sarcasm IMO the relationship should have never started because their relationship was never about love. House objectified her from the start and Wilson once said that House doesn't objectify the women he truly cares for.
The writers tried too hard to make House and Cuddy some sort of star-crossed lovers, inventing some past that didn't make any sense. In an episode in which they insist they were meant for each other since their college days, they also make sure that Cuddy is close to 40 yrs old (God forbid that a woman over 40 could still be hot) but House is over yeah, maths isn't the writers strength. This break up was long overdue. Sadly, I don't think that the quality of the show will improve now. If the writers were still capable of writing an intriguing show, they would have never let it plummet this low.




The problem with the Huddy relationship has always been that it's written backwards rather than organically from who the characters are. It could have been a fun fling for the two of them, or even a story where they respect each other and then fall in love. Instead they wiped out Stacy and any other women House was ever interested in, minimized Wilson and re-wrote a House/Cuddy backstory that makes her look obsessed and him an emotional child. I should be so lucky that Huddy is finally over. But I'm pretty sure it's not. The writers have no other storyline for the show.


Actually, I thought this episode broke the monotony of House completely. Not only did we see House make mistakes (as pointed out by the new redhead doctor that I really dislike) with logic, reasoning and caring, but we also saw him admit he was wrong to Wilson. I think the most amazing thing that happened this episode was the break-up (not only did I want to see it happen because frankly I don't get the couple vibe at all from Huddy), but House didn't fight it. He didn't call Cuddy an idiot, he didn't try to explain the logical fallacies she was making, he didn't call her a hypocrite in an outburst (like he did in her mother's episode or otherwise). He didn't fight the break-up. Instead, we actually saw him defenseless saying "Don't. Please don't." By far, in the coldest of episodes with House, where we are lead to believe he is beyond fixing and is unreachable emotionally (Cuddy pointing out he keeps people at arm's length) we not only saw him dream "subconsciously" about doing anything for Cuddy (including killing all his zombie colleagues), we saw a House that makes mistakes, risks patients' lives, and is open to pain while begging for love. House hasn't changed? I think not. He's come a long way.


I suppose I will be the odd man out a bit. I liked Huddy. I did find it could be a bit manic from one week to the next, which was irritating, but I overall felt that the relationship was going well. And I actually cared about it, too. I liked the relapse. Addicts are addicts. They screw up. It's easy to screw up. I'm amazed it took this long and I'm glad that Cuddy didn't actually suspect something, because that's usually how a relapse works. But to break up over it? What happened to Help Me, where she symbolically rescues him from his addiction and despair, his pain and loss? When he asks her, "are you going to jump across the room and knock these out of my hand?" and she tells him it's his choice? It does feel like the viewer is being jerked around. Relationships--particularly ones formed after a long period of not being in a relationship with the person--can jerk the people in it around.

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