How Will Criminal Minds Write Out Prentiss?

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To say that CBS' casting moves involving Criminal Minds stars A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster drew considerable criticism from the show's fan base is an understatement.

With Brewster's presumed swan song set for next week - an episode in which the previously written-off Cook returns - speculation is rampant over what will transpire.

Her storyline was unfolded ominously for weeks, with Ian Doyle tracking her down and looking for revenge. but will Criminal Minds go so far as to kill off Prentiss?

Or will her exit be more open-ended, as we saw with J.J.'s farewell?

Morgan and Prentiss

Prentiss (Brewster) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) in the March 2 episode.

CBS' official stance has been that should Paget Brewster be so inclined, she is welcome to return to the cast next fall. But whether she accepts their terms is unclear.

What do you think will send Emily packing? Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid and directed the episode, tells TV Guide that Prentiss' dirty laundry will be aired.

"[Prentiss] finds herself in a tricky situation. She may have done some things in her past that wouldn't be looked upon favorably," Brewster's co-star says.

Comments and theories are welcomed below.

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Criminal Minds shouldn't get rid of all the team members. Emily is my favourite, so if she left I wouldn't watch it anymore. They are a family, why are they destroying it?:( I did love the episodes with Prentiss story's, but please don't kill her! Also I don't really like Seaver, but that's because she comes into the family for JJ (and she has no chemistry with the team).


I recently started watching Criminal Minds and finally found a show I really love. I have recorded and watched almost every episode more than once. I have to agree that Seaver does not fit in at all, no chemistry. I hate to see Emily leave, she is a great asset to the show, a strong woman presence and fits into the "family" Love Spencer and Morgan but then who doesn't! Enjoy the shows with JJ also. I do like Rossi but not as much as Gideon. Rossi comes off as being to credit for everything. Keep the origianl cast, get them back on. If any of the male actors were to leave then I'm probably done watching. Totally love Garcia!!


I agree that if you take away Prentiss it will be like breaking up the family. I just got comfortable with her. The new girl is not the same. I believe you need to bring JJ back and I enjoyed the episodes with her husband. I believe that you should do more with Spencer's character. I, also, liked his hair long. It fit him. What happened to Penelope's romance. I love CM and watch it on all channels. I was very disappointed when there was a re-run on this week.


first of all the new blonde looks too much like jj which is ridiculous. secondly - wish they would focus more on CM and ditch the new terrible spin off. Losing my patience with the show, would rather them end it before they kill it.


CM is my favorite show. I have seen every re-run several times. Please don't break up the family. I hated it when JJ left,now Prentiss. This is the best show ever. Don't mess with a good thing!


I will keep watching as long a Shemar Moore is on the show. But I hate they they are breaking up the "family" The need to bring JJ back for good and keep Emily. The new girl just needs to go. I mean it's one thing if the actor wants to leave like Mandy did but why do they feel the need to mess with a good thing?


I love CM. I was heartbroken when Gideon left, and then Elle, then JJ, now Prentiss. It will be yet another change I just hope u bring in another strong female character. The new girl feels like she isn't really part of the show, but maybe her character can be fleshed out more,but she is not a strong enough female character for me. I love prentiss, she is tough and smart...more of that please. I love that Penelope is on both CM and CM:SB. That show looks like it will be another great! The heart of the team IS Hotch, Reed, Morgan, and Penelope. Prentiss and Rossi the newer characters melded seamlessly in. JJ of course we loved but they haven't been able to replace her on the team or in the show. Please don't tinker with the heart of the team or it will code and there will be no way to bring it back!


So sad to see Emily go! Remember West Wing? They had a winner and kept getting rid of people til the show flopped. Please don't do that to CM!


Love this show but don't think I will without Prentiss. You already took away JJ. And get rid of that blond chick, she just seems useless. Where did she even come from? Leave the show alone, you already have a WINNER.


I used to make time for Criminal Minds regardless of what was going on in my day. Now I find myself no really caring if I catch the episode on a re-run. When JJ left the chemistry wasn't there and the episodes were written differently so it just comes off as another show. Having Prentiss leave too, just destroys the group. I agree that the new girl just doesn't fit, and my first reaction was "don't insult the viewer by getting a replacement that almost looks like JJ." The quality of the writing of the show is not the same.

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