How Will Criminal Minds Write Out Prentiss?

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To say that CBS' casting moves involving Criminal Minds stars A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster drew considerable criticism from the show's fan base is an understatement.

With Brewster's presumed swan song set for next week - an episode in which the previously written-off Cook returns - speculation is rampant over what will transpire.

Her storyline was unfolded ominously for weeks, with Ian Doyle tracking her down and looking for revenge. but will Criminal Minds go so far as to kill off Prentiss?

Or will her exit be more open-ended, as we saw with J.J.'s farewell?

Morgan and Prentiss

Prentiss (Brewster) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) in the March 2 episode.

CBS' official stance has been that should Paget Brewster be so inclined, she is welcome to return to the cast next fall. But whether she accepts their terms is unclear.

What do you think will send Emily packing? Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid and directed the episode, tells TV Guide that Prentiss' dirty laundry will be aired.

"[Prentiss] finds herself in a tricky situation. She may have done some things in her past that wouldn't be looked upon favorably," Brewster's co-star says.

Comments and theories are welcomed below.

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I hope she returns. She is so so many ways!


Personally, were I in Prentiss's position, I would have shot Doyle at the first opportunity, since he obviously presents a clear and present danger. I hope they don't have her get sent to jail for killing the creep - that would be all too similar an exit as they did for Elle. They could always shuffle Prentiss off into Witness Protection, I suppose. Though the "fake the death" bit might work, though it didn't seem too effective before; Doyle not only discovered she wasn't dead, but he also figured out her true identity and stalked her from thousands of miles away!


I am so upset that Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster} is leaving Criminal Minds. It was bad enough when JJ Jareau ( AJ Cook} left, now both of them will be gone !!!! I have watched this show since it started, faithfully, every episode, sometimes 4 or 5 times. I love ALL the characters on this show. It just won't be the same.


Bring back JJ and keep Emily!! Seaver is awkward and doesnt fit in, no chemistry!


I got to say These season was a lot better then last


I hope that they ask AJ Cook to return for season 7 as well becuase i dont see Paget Brewster coming back without AJ. They should definitley leave it open and get rid of Seaver.
I think that this episode will be intense and I dont think Emily will go to jail. I think she will fake her death or leave the country and go rogue or something.


I think she kill him and they are too late to stop her and she quits the team and turn herself in to the FBI and get sent to Jail

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