How Will Naomi Exit Private Practice?

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Audra McDonald is leaving Private Practice this season, but how will Naomi be written out? It's an intriguing question, especially since she may guest star in the future.

Asked about her exit, Audra's co-star Taye Diggs told E!: "We know that she's going to step away for a bit. She's got family in New York and I commend her for that."

"Family should always come first. We'll miss her, but we're also looking forward to her returning at some point." Sounds like Taye is in the dark as much as fans are ...

Upset Parents

Naomi is on her way out, but details are under wraps.

One thing we do know? When Naomi leaves in the finale, Law & Order veteran Benjamin Bratt will make his debut that same episode, then join the cast full-time.

Theories on who he plays and how Nae exits the series are welcome below.

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I like Naomi, and the show hasn't been the same since she left. I hate the way she left the show with the guy in the wheelchair he has such a stinky attitude and treated her as if he knew she would be with him regardless. I don't care about the wheelchair because if he had a different personality it would be a good match, I think she should be back with Sam. I'm glad she challenged Addison, because Addison was an arrogant nymph and had no qualms about jumping from bed to bed. I liked Addison in the beginning, but she's turn out to be a pain in the ass as a character and as the actress I'm not that warm and fuzzy about Kate Walsh.


@Aries93-last episode Nai said something about vaccinating babies in Africa along with other things she wanted to do to Sheldon and he told her to go. Nadia's comment had nothing to do with race. Why does everything have to be about race these days! Good Grief!! Anyway, I would be completely happy if Nai never came back. It seemed like to me that wrapped up her storyline last episode. But obviously, she is going to come back for more eps this season and there will be more drama I'm sure. But after her little tirade last week about how her life is all about everyone else, including Maya and Olivia and how it needs to be about her, I doubt that they will write into the story that she goes with Maya anywhere. I think she is going to go literally start a new life using the foundations money to do things like vaccinate babies in Africa.


She will probably follow Maya and Dinck to NY! But before that she will fight with Addi 3 or 4 times and shake up he relationship with Sam a lot! Than she will leave and put the new guy ( U wrote about him yesterday!) In charge of Whites money and the whole practice! At the end she will become Hallow Nai and do good things around the world! But she will come back for the first big storyline( when someone of the crew gets ILL! )!


I thought Naomi already walked out. To be honest, I haven't really liked Naomi for a while. It could be because of her lack of storyline, or because I haven't seen much of her character throughout this season. However, I am not fazed on how she leaves, as long as it is a decent send off.
Furthermore, I do believe her departure will have do to with Maja and the Olivia. Naomi stated in episode 15 that Maja was looking for colleges and that she needs to look for a house and everything well up there for Dink and Olivia. In that case, I think that Naomi will indeed go with Maja as she does all that as she would prefer to be with them. @Nadia Klarenbeek: I have no idea if that's meant to be mock her race or not. :S


She is probably going back to Africa... that's my guess... about the guy: no ideas...

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