Katie Cassidy to Star in ABC Pilot

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Former Melrose Place and Gossip Girl star Katie Cassidy is heading back to primetime.

The gorgeous actress will star opposite James Wolk on Georgetown, an ABC pilot from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

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This drama will center around the young folks behind the power brokers of Washington, D.C., with Wolk portraying a Presidential speech writer and Cassidy taking on the role of Nikki, a junior staffer in the White House Communications Office.

Sounds like a new generation of The West Wing. Count us in!


Katie Cassidy is just awesome! I really hope to see her as Juliet again...


I second TheGreyOne, Josh Shwartz may make good TV (I regularly watch both Gossip Girl AND Chuck), but Aaron Sorkin and The West Wing are television gold.


I love Katie. She's just stunning. She would make better Serena. More convincing in the beauty department.


I like Katie, but please-please TV Fanatic, do not dare to compare any show from Josh Schwartz to the masterpiece of Aaron Sorkin a.k.a West Wing. Show some respect, LOL!
Don't get me wrong, JS is good, but NOONE can top A. Sorkin. Sorry.


This shows gonna be good.


I adore her, and I've been a fan since her days as Ruby on Supernatrual. I'm also excited about her and James Wolk in a show together, but it's sad we won't see Juliet as a regular on Gossip Girl.


didnt we hear about this like a year ago


. She is so AMAZING! A Beautiful and talented actress. She deserves the best. I am a Brazilian guy, and I just love and look up to her!


They are trying to go for some intelligent intellectual shows with young people. Quite a turn around from the mindless guilty pleasure aka Gossip Girl.


She is so freaking pretty it's unnatural how pretty she is! Like damn did she ever get work done? But she looks a lot like her dad! Seriously if you've ever seen a pic of him in the old days she looks just like him! I guess he's the definition of pretty boy!... Oh wait no... That title goes to Chase Crawford! Lol :)

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