Michelle Trachtenberg Returning to Gossip Girl?

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After everything that transpired in last night's epic episode, there's only one thing that could make the April 18 return of Gossip Girl even more insane:


It could happen. Maybe not April 18, but soon. Michelle Trachtenberg’s character lives to stir up the Upper East Side social pot, the actress confirms!

Georgina and Chuck Photo

Access Hollywood spoke with Michelle, who revealed her diabolical return to The CW series in the near future. It's not yet clear what brings her back.

“Yes, I will be back,” Michelle told Access. “Georgina is trouble, that word has now become synonymous. There will definitely more Gossip Girl in my future!”

What do you think Sparks her latest return?

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omg how many times do they want to bring back georgina to 'spice things up'?! It's boring now. Move on, leave her to rot in whatever hell hole she came from and concentrate on the ever-more-interesting couple of Blair and Dan.


Yes!!! Thank you! I love her. Especially the fights her and Blair have.


i expect a lot of Georgina this time !!!
make her as a bitch as Season 1 !!
or make her as a good bitch as season 2 !!!
her coming back last finale season 3 was so fuckin awkward....
she need to return to UES to Help lily serena eric to blackmail RUssel!!! she need to proof to them that she was really change and can help them ! bcause Georgina is SMART whore !!! hahaha


I LOVE HER OMG. Although she is a total bitch I like her. Her character is really crazy but also very cool. I don't know why they had to make her character have a baby. But when you think about it mothers are more dangerous. Lol I know I am.


I hope they have a good reason for her coming back. I mean, I LOVE GEORGINA, she's trouble and maybe she'll try to stir up thing between Blair and Dan. But I hope there's nothing to do with the babby. That whole plot was really annoying to me, and the can just get so much more out of her... MAYBE SHE WAS THE ONE KISSING DAN ON THE 4x18 PROMO!!! Georgina rocks, she's the best known un-regular ever! She's more remembered than Vannesa. Stupid Vannesa.


true , she is coming back ! we all GG fans and Georgina Big Fans will be so excited to she back to the show, but she need play like at least 3 episode this season finale! not only 1 episode! it"s Georgina right ? STephanie and Josh always promise that it will Be BLAST of her craziness ! so make it more of her scenes...
she Totally Need to Be a Regular Cast in Next Season until Season 6 Finally !

Snow not so white

I love this bitch!!! She should be a regular =)


I somewhere read that Chuck will open a hotel in Broklyin and it will be called: St Charles Place .. is that true?


Cool that you are bringing Georgiieee back!! but bring Carter Baizen too!! :)

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