Michelle Trachtenberg Returning to Gossip Girl?

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After everything that transpired in last night's epic episode, there's only one thing that could make the April 18 return of Gossip Girl even more insane:


It could happen. Maybe not April 18, but soon. Michelle Trachtenberg’s character lives to stir up the Upper East Side social pot, the actress confirms!

Georgina and Chuck Photo

Access Hollywood spoke with Michelle, who revealed her diabolical return to The CW series in the near future. It's not yet clear what brings her back.

“Yes, I will be back,” Michelle told Access. “Georgina is trouble, that word has now become synonymous. There will definitely more Gossip Girl in my future!”

What do you think Sparks her latest return?

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I'm so glad to hear she'll be back! I love Georgina's character because she's really someone who threatens all the characters. Honestly, I wish she could be a regular.


Awwwww, exCiting !!! Nothing can compare Georgina sparks the best Villain Ever on GG!!! Smart evil!!!
Her Return in Last Season 2 Finale is so Bomb!!!!
I think u guys must be realize that Last Episode Blair Mention GEORGINA name to Dan! So it is a little hints that Georgina will return this final season !! Excited !! Excited !! Awesome !!


Yeahhhh omg !!!!!!!!! Thank u God! Thank U Josh And Stephanie.. THIS final Season Fourth will be so amazing !! The Most Crazy role Georgina sparks Return Will Be so BLAST!! Also Jack Bass team up with Georgina ! She need helps lily serena eric chuck blair to BlackMail Raina , Russell , Damien! Or is there anything about Russian mobster connected with Bass and russel?!!
And will be awesome !! JULIET need to return too!! Georgina VS Juliet ?!!! Will be Superb right ? 2 Crazy Bitches fight! We can't wait next news of Georgina Sparks !!


I see a Juliet/Georgina scheme coming up!!!!!


I always have just assumed that her baby belongs to Scott, and so is Dan's sort-of nephew and Lily and Rufus's grandson. I don't know why--I just don't buy the Russian mobster story about parentage. However, you'd think if that were true, something about it would have emerged during the DNA test. Or maybe not, I don't know how that works, especially if Dan and Scott only share one parent. Anyway, glad she's returning, and no idea why. I also would be very pleased to have Juliet back! It's important to have some good villains to stir the pot. I worry that they made Juliet too terrible. Maybe she and Lily can share a prison cell, HAHAHAA.


@--A I grew I need Jenny back in order to truly enjoy the finally.


WOW, juliet's coming back, CeCe, William, The prince, Carol, Georgina wat could not happend this season finaly, but i need Jenny for the Perfect GG Finaly whyt a BomB


*yawn no surprise there.. they always bring her back towards the end of the season.


The baby would be a good angle, but Dan has no parental connection to Milo. Of course, Georgina could be lying and it was Dan's kid to begin with, but other than that, I don't see Milo have that much impact.


Yess I love georgina !!!!!!!! :) best gg villain ever !!!!jenny is just sad juilliet thought she was doing the right thing georgina is the only real bitch !!!! I love her and blairs scenes together and now there's dair geogina will have fun !!!!!

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