Penn Badgley on Gossip Girl's Dair: Expect the Unexpected!

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As one half of Gossip Girl's Dair-ing new couple, Penn Badgley is all for it - but he's staying tight-lipped on where his character and Leighton Meester's go from here.

One thing he will say is that you won't believe what happens next.

"It doesn't end how you think it does at all. I can't say [if it's good or bad]. It's sudden," the actor tells E! regarding Dan and Blair. What do you think that means?

Big Night For Dan
B Gets an A

Dair has become the talk of the Gossip Girl world.

Regarding his future on the show, Penn had this to say: "It's been a rollercoaster. It's been up and down and it's been the most definitive experience of my life."

"And I know it is the same for every one of the cast members regardless of what we may say on or off camera. It's huge. It's been monumental for all of us."

What do you think will - and should - happen with Dan and Blair?

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i don't feel like watching GG season 5 because of what they had started and ended with blair and dan..They started something and ended it before the relationship is developed. Chuck and Blaire is soooo SEASON 1!!!


what if penn leaves gossip girl? in the promo blair says: DAN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!
and if it's something we ALL wouln't expect, it should be something reaalllyy different.
so maybe someone leaves? but it would be to bad :(
but yeah, looking forward to in some hours!! yess baby


for fucks sake hurry up and end it all the characters are going stale if they do more than 1 more season i will stop watching


penn said to expect the unexpected, everyone is expecting nothing to happen btween them and for Blair to go back to chuck or now get engaged to prince louis, but isnt that the twist itself? ive always rooted for a dair romance since season 1 but i do believe chair is endgame but the fact he said expect the unexpected, wouldnt that mean a relationship for dair? because no body is expecting that, everyone is expecting anything but that, just saying


EWWW! Dan and Vanessa are soo awkward together!! Look my favorite couple was always Dan and Serena, because they just fit together more. I am tired of Chuck and Blair, they are just tiring and are always bickering and annoying... I just want to see how blair and dan work out even though i love serena and dan together. I want something NEW!!


Honestly, Gossip Girl is something that I am watching with only one eye anymore. I dont really care about it anymore. I haven't even missed it since it went off air for the hiatus. The ONLY thing keeping me watching is Dan and Blair and to tell the truth, if the writers honestly just made Dan and Blair a little fling and they end it before the season is over, I will probably lose all motivation to watch this show. Penn Badgely is amazing and I hope he goes on to star in some great things after this, same for Leighton. Everyone else though I just dont care about. They are all mediocre actors. I love Dan and Blair together but something tells me that they wont last long which is too bad. The episode that they end it will probably one of the last of my gossip girl days. Too bad, this show had so much potential in the first season. what a shame


Penn used the word "sudden" and said things don't end how we expect them to, so I bet the kiss they shared showed them both, they are just platonic friends and they decide to leave it at that. THEN Louis comes back...


Blair is brilliant and I love her. Chuck is the sexiest person alive and I love him. Blair loves Chuck, Chuck loves Blair and they always will, no matter what. Chemistry all over, undeniable as ever. "If two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back. Do you really believe that? Yes I do.."


@LOL shut the fuck up poser :) get the fuck out, you fail.


Lmao @lol you're the desperate chair fan that needs to get a life. Fucking idiot

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