Private Practice Episode Preview: Love, Lies, Etc.

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Private Practice returns March 17, a week earlier than Grey's Anatomy.

When the Off The Map premiere scrapped one of its episodes earlier this winter, PP fell a week behind its parent show. It makes up that week the Thursday after this one.

In "Love and Lies," the doctors clash when an expectant mother and her husband, desperate to have children, come to harvest the eggs of their unborn, ill-fated baby.

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The drama returns to Private Practice a week from Thursday.

Meanwhile, Amelia tries to help a friend who threatens suicide if tests for Huntington's Disease come back positive, and Fife returns to tell Naomi how he feels about her.

Whether this impacts Audra McDonald's exit from the show remains to be seen.

Are you pleased with the current season of Private Practice? What are you looking forward to watching play out when the show returns? What do you predict will happen?

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damn! i totally forgot about Fife! He's kinda hot right? be glad to see him again:)


I've thoroughly enjoyed this season of PrP. Starting off with my favorite pairing getting hitched and following up with the two learning from the past and building a life together. They've learned how to compromise, how to disagree and even argue without letting it affect their relationship as a whole. I'm overwhelmingly happy with developments between Violet and Pete this season, and Lucas has got to be one of the cutest kid characters on TV period. I can't get enough of this little guy and his parents. Charlotte and Cooper have also had amazing growth this season and I'm happy that she and Sheldon eventually managed to maintain a friendship, as their connection was one of things I really loved last season. I didn't like how Charlotte and Violet's friendship had suddenly vanished into thin air in the beginning of the season, but I'm glad that things are better between them. Addison and Sam is really the only couple I've been disappointed with this season. Last season they had so much potential, but this season they are just boring together. I also don't like the development Sam's had this season. He seems to be dictating every major decision in this relationship, and I really don't like seeing Addie going along with all of it because she is too in love to really stand her ground. As for the characters, I'm happy they are finally laying off the drama with Violet, the woman truly deserves a break. I'm happy to see her embracing motherhood and I only hope we get plenty of scenes with her and Lucas. As for Charlotte, I have to admit I prefer the character development we saw last year with her softening up and becoming more vulnerable. The rape storyline counteracted a lot of that development, but now that we are, in a way, on the other side, I'm glad to see her opening up a little more again. Cooper had a very negative development last season, where he basically turned into a jerk. I wasn't really ready to forgive him in the beginning of the season, and there were setbacks, but overally I feel he's grown and I'm positive about where he's headed. Pete went through the wringer last season, and as a result his actions were maybe a bit too rooted in his emotions, which resulted in the odd jerk-y behavior. This season I'm very happy to see him with more stability. His family storyline was definitely an interesting one, such a shame it was only one episode, though. Addison needs to get back that zest she had on Grey's, and she needs a proper personal storyline (good or bad) that isn't centered around a guy or a family member. Nothing seems to happen TO her, she's either the bystander or she's the savior. I would love to see her finally fulfilling the one dream she's had the whole show, having a child of her own. Naomi has been severely underused this season for obvious reasons, with Audra set to leave at the end of the season. Mostly she's been given filler material, and now I fear that she is going to be made out to be the 'villain' of the AddiSam drama, when the person who initiated that kiss was Sam. I hope the blame will be placed where it truly belongs. Sam has had a very negative development this season. I didn't mind the story behind why he quit his residency. I think adding that aspect of darkness can make a character more interesting. What I dislike with Sam this season is the way he seems to only be looking out for number one. I really hope this changes as I don't want to have to start hating a charater on this show. It seems the writers are struggling a bit with what to do about Amelia. On her Grey's crossover appearance she fit right into the scenery and crowd, while on PrP she comes off as more awkward. When her character was originally introduced I was excited, because she told it like it was, but my excitement has long since diminished. I hope she gets a proper storyline, soon. So far I feel her only purpose on the show is her medical specialty, which on Grey's would've worked as it's more centered around the medicine, while medicine has more a secondary purpose on PrP, as it's more about the human connection between the doctors themselves and between them and their patients. Up until his connection with Charlotte, Sheldon wasn't really a character I liked that much. For me he was, for a long time, the guy who stood in the way for Violet and Pete, and when that 'threat' ceased, he just didn't seem to have much of a purpose. But then he and Charlotte connected, and I loved the way he treated her so much that for a while I even shipped them. This season I feel Sheldon's purpose have, much like Amelia, been too medically centered. The guy needs a girlfriend, and not someone he will potentially 'lose' to another one of the practice's guys.


this is the perfect time to get noah barnes back in the show...


A promo for this episode has already been released. Seems like Sam is thinking it's more than it is while Naomi's convinced it's just nostalgia. Guess we'll just have to see what happens! Especially after Addison questions them.


Sam and Addison need to get through this and stay together. They are perfect for each other. AdiSam. :]


i think addie and freinds are doing a great job. this season has taken the show to a whole new level and this episode i just can't wait for it. i hope sam do tell addie before she finds out b'cos that is going to just messy


just make Addison happy, & she won't be happy of Sam is hooking up with Naomi.. really didn't like that direction at the end of the last episode


Seriously, am i the only person who loved the episode where pete was really crushing on addison, OMG i loved them together pp is ??????o? not interesting anymore.


Seriously, am i the only person who loved the episode where pete was really crushing on addison, OMG i loved them together pp is ??????o? not intresting anymore.


I'm actually pleased with this season of Private Practice. I love everything that's happened between Charlotte and Cooper. And on the contrary, I think that the pacing of what they've done with her rape storyline has been good. It's far from over as well because I know that they plan to keep this a part of Charlotte as long as she remains to be a character on the show. I think we should also wait and see what they do with Addison and her mother's death because that story's only started as well. Shonda herself has said (through Twitter) that we're going to be seeing how Addison deals with Bizzy's suicide. Moreover, the baby storyline between her and Sam is also going to surface again. I think we just need to be patient and see what more they do with Addison. If anything is dragging this season down for me, it's any story involving Violet (and sometimes Pete). I just don't see anything interesting really happening with this character and her relationship with Pete is just not believable.

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