Private Practice Promo: More Than Just Nostalgia ...

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They say it was just a simple kiss ... but hidden passion can't be disguised.

This Thursday on Private Practice, Sam and Naomi must deal with the effects of their "moment," which they struggle to define. Was it really just a kiss? Or was it much more?

Will Addison find out, and how will she react? Where will Sam's heart lead him?

Elsewhere, the doctors clash when an expectant mother and her husband, desperate to have kids, come to them in order to harvest the eggs of their unborn, ill-fated baby.

Check out ABC's promo for "Love and Lies" and tell us what you think:

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She deserves the true love that was between her and noah barnes...


ugh Sam is going down in my list of fav characters right now! I hope Addison finds out, she deserves more than this!


I haven't been an Addisam fan because I find the relationship corny but I think the shonda wrote this little tid bit into the story to give some credibility to Naomi's decreased presence next season It wouldn't be because she just couldn't stand Addie and Sam. There has to be some drama that ensues that allows for Naomi to leave for a while.
I always felt that they didn't give Naomi a good enough story. For me she just was there in the background playing fiddle to Addie. Not that I am critiquing the way the story has been, they could have used her more. She was the comic relief with her choc and cake cravings.. I think that Naomi and Sam will always have a connection, there is nothing that Addie can do abt it... They will love each other and that's just how it would be.


So glad PP's coming back next week. I've been waiting for so long and this episode looks like it has a lot to it. Hope there's still a lot of Char & Coop in it though!


This seems good. I cannot wait. I've been waiting for 2 weeks. The wait is long enough. Bring me my show.


Oh Snap!!! Addison suspects! Take a chance on that hunky doctor that treated your mom, Addison! Sam has too much baggage. Besides, he was your best friend's husband which is not cool at all...


Ugh this promo better be misleading because I am seriously hating Sam right now.


I thought after four seasons that Addie was finally was getting her chance at true love, after all the drama from Grey's Mcdreamy, Sloan, Pete, the cop (I can't even remember his name) and now this? I mean how much would she able to handle? Her mother just killed herself and now her so call best friend, who by the way told her she sucks at relationship, is kissing her boyfriend? WTH...
And not to mention Sam telling her that he was not going to hurt her and now he wants to explore that kiss with his ex wife? I mean pls Shonda set things right for Addison, let her find the man that would make her happy... that was the whole point of Private Practice, Addison finding her happiness.. not this... she's even more miserable than she was in Seattle Grace


I liked Addie and Sam because I was good for her and the kind of stable dependable person she needed. But from these clips I'm doubting it now. Sam is not what I thought, at least not for Addie. Time for her to move on. Boy it would be nice to see her find a good one. Rodriguez was hot, maybe her Mom was right!


It's time to roast Sam and Naomi. After what happen with Addison and Sam at her mother's funeral. Now he's flip flopping back to Naomi. Naomi should not be talking Addison and relationships, she can't stick to her decision and let Sam go. Even it they did get back together, they are just going to break up again because they realize again they don't work.

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