Private Practice Promo: "The Hardest Part"

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Last night's episode of Private Practice was emotional and solid as usual. Next week promises more of the same, with Pete's family drama taking center stage this time.

When his brother, Adam (Kyle Secor), returns and brings their sick mother (Louise Fletcher) for a consult, Pete discovers that her illness may actually be Adam's fault.

Meanwhile, in the wake of her book's success, Violet walks in on Sheldon just as he's about to take her archenemy on a date, leading to a bit of an awkward situation.

Finally, Cooper treats a young musical prodigy whose brain tumor could prevent him from ever playing the piano again. Here's ABC's promo for "The Hardest Part" ...

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I'm glad to see that there'll be a story that's really revolving around Pete. I think all characters have more or less shined this season except him so this will be good.


@Kristen: The jump of Grey's Anatomy season 6 finale to the season 7 premiere was 2 months, and followed by the time Arizona departed in episode 8 was at least another 2 month jump before she left. And a while a little later afterwards and by the rate of Callie's pregnancy, she is at least 4-5 months along (as Lucy, Callie's OB/GYN asked her if she wanted to know the sex of the baby). Overall, I'd say this season has jumped at least 8-10 months. Hoped I helped. :)


Im kind of wondering about the time line, if addison is there in private practice, but is in seattle in grey's....i'm just confused on that...anyone know anything bout the time line


I was wondering when this storyline was going to come back into the fold. I've been looking forward to it. Now I am looking forward to it. :D

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