Private Practice Sneak Peeks: "Love and Lies"

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Grey's Anatomy is off until next week, but Private Practice returns this Thursday night, making up for the week it lost when ABC re-ran the Off the Map premiere after Grey's.

Private Practice takes over the 9 p.m. time slot for this week only, and "Love and Lies" sure looks like an episode worthy of prime time. There's a lot going on at Oceanside.

First and foremost, Sam and Naomi struggle with their feelings as they wonder whether their kiss was prompted by more than just nostalgia. And that's just the beginning.

Complicating matters is the return of Fife, who's making it clear he intends to woo Nae and is about to make this love triangle into a ... square? Rectangle? Watch this clip:

Will Fife be successful? And how will Addison react to recent developments? Follow the jump for FIVE more Private Practice clips from this week's episode, "Love and Lies" ...

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I don't get them suddenly making Sam a different person than he's always been. I don't like it! I'm not the biggest Addie fan, but he made all of these promises to her and gave her #@$* for being scared and now he's happily off chasing his ex and ignoring her pain?? Hope there's something in the works to make this OK.


Get Noah Barnes back for Addie...


Addie can do better I so mad at Sam when Nae leaves hope she goes with fife and Addie founds a new man. Sam can be alone


I wonder what Sam is playing at asking Nae about feelings in that seductive and sexy way if he is already committed to Addison? It's one thing to clear the air, another to start something with your ex.
I like fife, he is brash and irritating but he speaks his mind in this almost comical way and that is something that is good on a show where people take feelings and thoughts and bottle them and use food to shove them down.
Also loved the violet/pete clip... I'm glad that they are having a good relationship...
I like the relationship that Addison has formed with Sheldon, in that even tho Nae is her BFF and Sam is her BF, Sheldon is this anchor of sorts who gets her and gives her advice and helps her through her craziness...
What is it with Huningtons and all medical shows these days? Is there some medical foundation that is paying them to make the disease more well known? Or are they copying from House? Looks to be a good ep...


So sam doesnt know that bizzy committed susan? im glad shes dealing with it too otherwise that wouldve been cut off so short! glad amelia has a friend this ep haha


Ugh Sam and Naomi suck. Poor Addie, but I am happy she will still be dealing with Bizzy's death.


My favorite sneak is without a doubt the Violet/Pete sneak! :D LOVE it! I also love the reappearance of Fife :)

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