Rob Lowe to Remain on Parks and Recreation

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Thank goodness.

Following a few days' worth of speculation, Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur cleared up all rumors regarding Rob Lowe last night, telling Zap2It at the Paley Center for Media's PaleyFest: "Rob is a full-time cast member; he's on the show for a number of more years, and that's the end of the story. Sorry I can't be juicier than that."

Schur, of course, was responding to reports that linked Lowe to Two and a Half Men as a replacement for Charlie Sheen.

Rob Lowe as Chris

Lowe will NOT appear on the next new episode of Parks and Recreation, which airs on March 17. But relax, fans. He'll be on every installment of the season after that.


What is Rob Lowe's destiny? A flaccid penis with a scrotal hydrocele complicated by an inflamed prolapsed rectum. He is a dirty old bugger. I look forward to reading his future memoirs.


BEST NEWS EVER... literally.


I think I should get royalities from Rob Lowe-- the character Chris on Parks and Rec IS my husband. Right down to the 2.8% body fat comment...


@Stevo6521 perfect!


I wonder how Chris would respond to this? "This is the absolute best news that has ever been reported. Now I need to go run the exact amount of miles between Pawnee and Indianoplis."

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