Season Finale Shocker on Tap For Private Practice

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Private Practice has produced stunning season finales in each of the past two seasons, with beloved cast members dying, having babies cut out of their bodies, etc.

How do you top that this May?

You don't, creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes says, promising a "relatively quiet" finale. Nevertheless, look out for a shocker in the last two minutes.

The Smile Returns

So, does this shocker have anything to do with Audra McDonald's exit?

"It does not," Rhimes insists, reminding us that the actress may be back to guest star as Naomi in the future. "She's been through a lot of hard times already."

"I wanted a happy ending for her character so she's going to get it."

Well, that's good at least, and makes sense. Maybe something to do with Benjamin Bratt's arrival then? Share your comments and theories with us below.

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Addison pregnant with Sam's baby and Benjamin Bratt as her OBGYN perfect season finale. next season we deal with Pregnant addison and baby ....


I hope Addie doesn't have Sams baby, I want her to have one but not his! I hate them together


I like Naomi, I for one would NEVER date my best friend's ex husband, but that's just me. But i'm glad there will be a cliff hanger, thats the fun of season finales!


Arghhhhh, I don't wanna be left with a cliffhanger, but I guess it's going to happen anyway.
I am glad to see Naomi go, I have officially had enough of her. Especially after what she said to Addison about Sam (You know what. Your boyfriend was my husband for 17 years. He married me. I had his child. So, unless you ever hit those milestones, my relationship with Sam will always trump yours). Naomi is a two-faced bitch, and I am glad to see her go.

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