That's Rich: Who Will Die on The Vampire Diaries?

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Yes, this is already my second column dedicated to The Vampire Diaries. Forgive me. The show is awesome.

But it's also on hiatus until April 7, which has given me a lot of time to ponder how the second season might end. Because this is a series that delivers jaw-dropping twists at the conclusion of almost every episode, there's only one way it can ratchet up the shock on May 12:

Via a major character death.

This is Rich

So, who is the most likely to join bite the bullet... or, possibly, stake? I've listed the candidates below.

Tyler: At some point, he'll need to choose between his species and his friends. I can foresee him making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the latter, returning triumphantly on the finale, taking werewolf form and sacrificing himself as he kills Klaus.
Odds: 3-1

John: Would feel like somewhat of a cop out, considering last season also concluded with him getting stabbed. But would also prove that he really does care about Elena's well-being, and would enable the show to kill off a significant character while avoiding any of the core individuals.
Odds: 6-1

Jeremy: Could Elena handle the death of another family member? Jeremy's death would send this character on a season three tailspin. Sad? Yes. Intriguing? Definitely.

Alaric: Has, unfortunately, been limited throughout the season. Producers have admitted they haven't come up with much for Alaric - he'll never be referred to here as "Ric" - to do. If he were to die, Jenna could finally discover the truth and head into the fall seeking major vengeance. A nice twist.
Odds: 20-1

Damon: Would create more anger than Justin Bieber's recent haircut.
Odds: 250,000,000-1

Your turn, TV Fanatic? Do you think a character will die on the season finale? If so, who do you want it to be? Hope it will be?

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I don't think anoyone else should die all the people for now are great. But if Damon dies..if he dies..I'll probaly kill myself...He makes the show most entertaining. They should make ALOT of these shows. I love them>(:


I betcha anything that when they say a character will "die," they're counting "be turned into a vampire." And I bet that Elena will.


This is hard... for me i want it to be either Jenna, Alric, John, or Matt. Cause they piss me off. Jenna just needs to get over the fact that Alaric lied to her because he wanted to protect her. Alaric just needs to shut the hell up and kill Isobel or something. John, O John, he either needs to leave... again, or have Kathrine cut off his fingers again and stabb him... again.Then theres Matt,sweet Matt, he just needs to get over the fact that his life sucks and that his sister is dead and his mom left... even though he kicked her out, and that Caroline is a Vampire.


*hope it's not John or Alaric


I hope it's Matt, he has no purpose in the show anymore. He's scared of Caroline and hates her because he thinks she killed Vicki. If it's Jeremy or Damon, that will be HORRIBLE. And I hope it's Alaric or John. As much as I HATE John Gilbert, he knows things about Mystic Falls and Elena and Katherine and everything that we need to know! Wouldn't be Tyler, he has a good storyline right now and they couldn't kill him off yet. But in all honesty it's most likely Alaric.


Katherine deffintly should die


It would just be ridiculous and stupid to kill tyler of, the guy just transitioned into a werewolf once and nothing didn't even come out of it yet, because they made him leave !! So they better let him be save and well and kick some serious ass :)


Honestly I love the cast as it is, if someone has to die I would prefer John. If not him then Matt he seems not to be able to handle Caroline as a vampire and may end up putting himself in a position to be killed. (just not Tyler or Caroline)


Kill Caroline off because she became such a great character and they don't have room for another character on the show? This ain't the Lost cast here. Lol there's plenty of room for Caroline and the writers want every character to be great. But you wouldn't get rid of a rising star so you can then give more air time to deadwood. But the way it sounds like according to Julie plecs last interview that Caroline and Tyler are sticking around for a while.


Alaric is def getting kicked off. Its written all over his twitter posts. Check out his twitter and you'll see what i mean.

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