The Secret Circle Casts Two Witches

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The coven is coming together.

A pair of actresses has come on board The Secret Circle, one of The CW's most anticipated new shows of the fall.

According to Zap2It, Shelley Hennig will portray Diana, the leader of the group of witches of which Cassie (Britt Robertson) learns she is a part. Viewers will quickly learn that Diana has been dating Adam (Thomas Dekker) since childhood.

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Elsewhere, Jessica Parker Kennedy has signed on to play another coven member named Melissa. She appeared on the pilot of Fairly Legal and recurred on Smallville as Plastique.

Henning, meanwhile, has starred for years on Days of Our Lives.


Yet Another Book-to-Movie Fail. Please L J Smith Stick Up For Your Books. Don't Let Them Change It. Diana Should Be BLOND Just Like Elena From Vampire Diaries Was SUPPOSED To Be BLOND. Does Tv Have Something Against Keeping Blond Characters Blond?


The casting for this looks horrible. The CW cut out Meredith from the Vampire Diaries; I got over it. But this isn't cutting out a single supporting character! They are cutting out half the coven and putting in some chick named Melissa! What gives? They look nothing like L.J. Smith describes them, or anything! I was excited when I first the CW was turning the Secret Circle into a TV series. Now, I'm not so sure.


Shouldn't Diana be blonde??? L.J Smith described her blonde, and as bright as the sunlight??


What??????????? They are taking out characters from the book for the series??? OMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why the hell is LJ Smith allowing this to happen? Why do any authors allow these screenplay crapstards to fillet the books????? Ugh kevin williamson sucks! I knew this would go to crap when they cast thomas dekker as adam!!! This show is dfead to me!!!!


I never imagined the show to be like this.
- Diana and Cassie's characters should be switched.
- They shouldn't take out characters or add new ones in.
- The actors/actresses that portray the Secret Circle characters should be in their TEENS, not in their TWENTIES. I also think that the casting directors should cast people that LOOK like what the book describes them as. If they are a truly good actor/actress, they will be able to pull off their character and make them believable, not only by looks, but the way the characters act. I was very excited to find out that my favorite book would be turned into a TV series. But because there is already so much miscasting, I'm not too thrilled. :S

Derenachairstelena   they all rule cant wait for s4 gg 3

NOOOO!!! I love all of the characters in the books, why get rid of some and add another one in :( Oh well I guess I will have to wait and see what the show is like... :/


this show seems like an awful idea


They added a new character named Melissa. Got rid of Melanie, Deborah, Suzan, Chris and Laurel.

Rhianna speranzo

i think they SHOULD swap the actresses for Diana and cassie. Yes i actually do think its Melanie they mean. I also dont like how much older these people are compared to the age they should be portraying. like mid 20s? seriouisly these are teens not close to middle age adults :P


I like these two actors, and i thing they are fitting their roles!
But the Britt Robertson i truly don't like! And I think she doesn't fit! Shelley is this pretty nice girl, and I think she can go wild at some moments!
But Brit, she doesn't has the star appeal to wrap people to watch the series! She was Okay playing the girl with the crappy live but the powerful witch I don't think so! I hope they change their mind, after shooting the plot! The character of Adam should look a little more adult, and be more attractive and seductive! But maybe there is a good harmony between him and Britt! This girl which should play Melissa, looks interesting, she will be a kind of Caroline probably! I love her eyes!

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