The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 50

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An embrace between Matt and Caroline only yielded 66 responses to this Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, but it did deliver one that made us laugh out loud.

So, thank you, "Christy," who earns this title after sending in the entry posted below. Who will come out on top next time?

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Caroline and Matt

Caroline (singing): Is this burning, like eternal flame?
Guitarist (thinking): Nope, pretty sure it's just chlamydia.

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Matt: I Love You Ca.....Wow! Pink Skinny Jeans I've been looking for them everywhere


I'm having the time of my life... (& dirty dancing better than Baby & Johnny...)


Caroline: i love you Matt..
Matt: i love you too Serena...
Guitarist: awkward...

Rhianna speranzo

Caroline: hey Matt, why is there an extra microphone in the corner?


Caroline: "You're face tastes awesome!"


Guitarst: I Rock So Hard In My Skinny Jeans That Barbie and Blonde haired Ken Hook Up....Awesome. I Rock Skinnys!


Matt: I think your mouth is bleeding
Caroline: No it's not! That's just leftover from dinner!


"How did we end up in a scene cut from "Hellcats?"


Caroline: I love you matt, i love everything about you, your smile, your personality and i guess i just got lucky with your blood type being Group A, mmm my favourite.
matt: i love you to caroli....wait, what?
caroline: Oh nothing, im just a vampire, no big deal...


(Matt and Caroline singing)
Caroline: I'm a barbie vamp, in a vampy world. Life with blood, is fangtastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination. Life is my compulsion.
Matt: Come on, barbie. Let's go party.
Caroline: I'm a blonde single vamp in this fantasy world. Dress me up. Take your time. I'm your vampy.
Matt: You're my vamp, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain. Compel me here. Bite me there. Hanky-panky.
Caroline: You can touch, you can play. You can say I'm always yours. Oooh whoa.
Matt: Come on, barbie, let's go party.
Caroline: Ha ha ha, yeah
Matt: Come on, barbie, let's go party.
Caroline: Oooh, Oooh
Matt: Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please. I can act like a wolf, I can beg on my knees. Come jump in, be my friend, let us do it again. Hit the grill, fool around, let's go party.

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