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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 51

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Well played, "fayeolivia."

This TV Fanatic reader submitted the winning entry for this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest by combing CW shows. Trust us, Jenna, you aren't the only one blown away by developments on Gossip Girl.

Check out the most creative submission below and remember to return every Friday to play. Thanks to all who participated!

Jenna, Ric

Jenna: You're not serious?! Dan and Blair?

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Alaric: Yeah so they canceled two and a half men
Jenna: WHAT i thought it was all good. Charlie Sheen wins here and he wins there.


Jenna: So the vampire walks into a bar...


Jenna: You're not serious?! Dan and Blair?


"I can believe it, you little crap-tard, you cheated on Bella Swan! She has a gay-Farkle-my-Sparkle Vampire!"


"Oh....And I am supposed to believe those WERENT your fang marks in that biotch's neck.....get real & get bent !!!!


No Alaric I told u I belong to another so u may not bite me again It didn't work the first time or the second and so on so go find another that will meet your flavor.


oops type mistake: Alaric: Yeah, I think youre really cute..But I just came too say, Hello!


Alaric: Yeah, I think you're really cute, but I jusr came too say, Hello!


jena: tell me the truth ric
ric: what? that my wifes alive, shes a vampire, damon turned her or that I can never die as long as I have this ring on...
Jena: huh???
ric: ummm what yeah ummm look there's a werewolf!


Really Alaric? Your dead wife is a vampire? I have to give it to beats the old "it's me not you" break up line.

Vampire Diaries Quotes

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


Damon: You know what they are? Children. Like lighting a candle's going to make everything OK, or even saying a prayer. Or pretending Elena's not going to end up just like the rest of us murdering vampires. Stupid, delusional, exasperating little children. And I know what you're going to say: 'It makes them feel better, Damon.' So what? For how long? A minute, a day? What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock with a birthday carved into it that I'm pretty sure is wrong. So thanks, friend. Thanks for leaving me here to babysit. Because I should be long gone by now. I didn't get the girl, remember? I'm just stuck here fighting my brother and taking care of the kids. You owe me big.
Alaric: I miss you too, buddy.