The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 53

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A unique, behind-the-scenes photo of Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley resulted in a number of Caption Contest submissions this week. We appreciate them all.

But "Azza" has been named this edition's champion for the following entry, posted below the picture. It cracked us up. Both timely and original.

Thanks to everyone for playing and remember to do so every week!

VD Behind the Scenes

Elena: I'm a PC and Windows 7 was my idea

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Elena: Stefan, this is Friday by Rebecca Black
Stefan: You were right, shes terrible


Stefan: Yep. There can be no denying it now. I'm definitely a vampire, Elena. Elena: But Stefan, are you positive? How can you be sure? Stefan: I Binged it!


Stefan: *thinking* You'll think i'm looking at the computer but actually i'm looking at your boobs
Elena: Stefan what are you looking at?!
Stefan: Nothing *thinking* Damn you vervain necklace


Paul: "This sucks. What do we have to do to wind up on TMZ?"


Stefan: "So that's what an enema is? That's so not what I agreed to"
Elena: "You're the one who wanted me to roleplay as a nurse...."


Elena: Yes, I'm telling there are a new set of photos from Vanessa Hudgens nude! Stefan: So what, those come out weekly!


Nina: Look at what Charlie sheen just put! Paul: That guy is truly the only reason I joined twitter!


take that silly grin off your face paul, just because i showed you a picture of KRISTEN STEWART it doesn,t mean you can change shows!!!!


Nina : God Ian is so HOT
Paul : Huum , and what about me ?
Nina : Oh sorry Paul but Ian is sexier than you !
Paul : It' OK , I knew it
Nina : Hey , don't tell to Ian that I said that ...
Paul : It will be our secret


Nina : Come on Paul I'm sure that you will love twitter !
Paul : Oh , I don't know it's look very complicated
Nina ( Laughs ) : What ?! You're serious , it's so easy
Paul : Hey don't laugh , it's not funny !

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