The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction Contest: How Will Season Conclude?

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The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus until April 7. We know: WTH?!?!?

But let's at least use this time constructively, shall we?

With the season winding down, and with so many questions still in the air - how will Stefan and Damon kill Klaus? What role will Luka's sister play? Will Tyler return? Will Jenna learn the truth about those around her? Might a key character die? - we're turning the future over to our loyal readers.

Brothers Look On

What do YOU think will happen next? How will the season conclude? On what cliffhanger will it leave us heading into the fall?

Sketch out your best guesses, write up a piece of fan fiction that is no more than 150 words and send it to I'll post the best entries as they come in. Keep it clean and have fun!

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i don't think that klaus will die, i think he will survive on to the third season... i hope katherine kills him eventually though! Damon and elena need some action...we've waited too long! And i could see maybe tyler or john dying...


I think with Isobel back and teaming up with John and Katherine can only lead to something bad. I think Klaus will come but somehow Bonnie (as it is implied) will try to kill Klaus but the cliff hanger at the end will Klaus dead and we will have to wait till season 3 to find out. Leading up to that will be a whole lot of Damon and Elena and Stefan drama cause we all know Damon is getting a little out of control and it won't be long before he lets Elena know with out compelling her to forget how he feels! I hope Tyler comes back too!


Elena dying and turning into a vampire is just too predictable and TVD is anything but that! Someone will die obviously. It can't be the main 3(D/E/S) but I just hope it's not Alaric or Caroline. Aside from the whole sacrifice business, there'll definitely be a DE moment, maybe not a kiss but something intense which will make E start seeing D differently. SE will stay together however S3 will have E fighting her feelings for D. Yeah, yeah, wishful thinking :)


klaus might end up laid with aunt jena ... because she is hot blonde! matt is promoted to a bartender from a waiter stefen finally graduates fm his mystic falls high school elena finds her diary back which was once lost in the first season damon's eyebrow muscles becomes responseless after being under constant strain for two long seasons bonnie finds a dentist to go for dental pincers jeremy finally knows that 15 years isnt equal to 22 years


I think Elena will become a vampire...and i really hope for a love scene between Damon and Elena when she remembers that Damon said he loved her...Maybe stefan walk in on them...that will be the thing that tears the brothers appart again. Who knows...but Team Delena!


I think that Isobel and John will work with Katherine to get rid of Stefan and Damon because they really hate vampires regardless! Katherine will force the brothers to turn against each other which will cause them to become vulnerable and less able to take on Klaus! katherine only cares for herself and probably has some tyoe if deal with John and Isobel to help her find Klaus and hand over Elena to him as a sacrifice why would her parents care now they never have I hope Stefan and Elena end up together because I think they have good chemistry I just wish their love was tested


I just hope that Tayler come back to Mystic Falls...
And someone to die ? Uncle John...

Forwood 3 3

My Prediction: I think that Klaus will come to Mystic Falls. Elena won't die as a main character but might turn or something, Katherine will die. Damon and Stefan will probs have an argument and so Damon will leave but come back when he's needed so that Elena is safe.
Tyler will come back : HE HAS TOO! He'll go see Caroline and appologise for everything... He might turn once before the end of the season.
Bonnie and Jermemy will break up. Probs after they get Luka's sister.
Matt will die. I hope.
The last scene will be like Damon and Stefan trying to save ELena as she is dieing... :)


What i think will happen is that: Klaus will come back. Elena will sacriface herself for her friends (cause she does in the books) and i think thats what the cliffhanger ending will be. Elena laying on the ground dead and Stefan and Damon crying over her. Bonnie will become power hungry and she will be on Klaus' side and become bad (kindda?) and Jeremy will be stuck with choosing his love for Bonnie or his trust with Elena. I think that Jeremy would choose Bonnie, since in the first season, Elena wasn't all to truthful to him.


I'm making two wholesome predictions:
(a) Katherine will die
(b) Bonnie will go power crazy or turn or something...and the rest of the team (heh heh, it's a weird thought, but that's kind of what they are now...Team Mystic Falls) will have to deal with it.
I'm making one last prediction based solely on being such a Delena fan:
(c) There will be a Delena moment, and it could quite possibly be the cliffhanger for the season finale. Why do I think this? TVD writers (just like GG writers) are mean and like to torture us. I can't think of anything that would torture us more than that...can you? Going, 'Oh my god this is like season 1 all over again...damn you.'


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