The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction Entry #3: Mother Salvatore?!?

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How will The Vampire Diaries conclude season two? What cliffhanger will leave fans dying for its September return?

This is the question we've posed to fans during the show's current hiatus. We've already posted a pair of hypothetical scenarios - posited HERE and HERE - and now we're excited to present another take, courtesy of reader Shira Rosenblatt. What do you make of this storyline?

Brotherly Road Trip

Almost all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place: Klaus has the doppelganger, a witch, a werewolf, a vampire and the moonstone. The Salvatore brothers are restrained by his minions. All that is missing is the final piece...

“What are you waiting for?” asks Elena of Klaus. “You got what you wanted – you have everything you need to break the curse and allow vampires to roam free and keep werewolves chained to the moon. Do it already.”

“Break the curse?” Klaus retorts. “ You silly girl. Uou think I’ve waited hundreds of years to break a curse that limits the powers of the unfortunate vampires who do not have the intelligence or creativity to figure out how to free themselves of the restrictions imposed by the sun? I am neither an altruist or an imbecile. Those who remain limited by the sun deserve to remain that way for all eternity. My goal was never to help all vampires - it was to destroy them and, in so doing, restore me to my human form. To do so, I need to add the last piece of the puzzle: a descendant of the original witch who cursed the undead with immortality to begin with. Ahh, and here she comes now...”

With that proclamation, a beautiful woman is dragged into the room by Klaus’s minions. The tied-up Salvatores stop fighting their restraints and gasp in shock. Damon stares in disbelief and says: “Mother?????”

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i think it is a gd idea but in the books it says tht there mum died a couple of months after stefan was born so it would only be damon who remembers her cause stefan was a baby when she died so he wouldny know who she is but i also read in the book ever the novels or stefan diaries tht the only thing stefan remembers about his mum was her voice of her singing and her french accent


This doesn make all that much sence to me. Stefan and Damon's mum would've been dead years and years ago. And besides, from the impression we've gotten from the flashback episodes of their faher, i don think ue woulv'e been maried to a witch.


Their mother?? how is that possible? she must have been turned into a vampire at some point?? because witches don't have eternal life? and if she does not have eternal life, how the hell can she be beautiful being about 200 years?


Don't know if this is true. But as far as the TV series goes, I was under the impression that the Originals (i.e. Klaus, Elijah...) were always vampires. I know that's not how it was in the books, but doesn't Originals sort of imply that they were always vampires? Plus, it would account for the extra powers they to compel vampires, surviving a wooden stake through the heart. Again, obviously I don't know this for sure, but that was the impression I always question being, why would someone who has always been a vampire want to become human? Sorry, I think I take all this a tad bit too serious (I'm having VD withdrawals).


Well thought but... why would he like to be human again, given that he will be vulnerable to any attacks from anyone who want him dead. Lets say all vampires would be destroyed... The likes of Alaric or John Guilbert won't let him live.


I always thought about that idea, too. But not really in that way.
Like it, thought. :-)


@ DSlvr
Given that vampires are "frozen" at the age and state they are turned if there was such thing as getting back their humanity and mortality and have real breathing bodies again I suppose that they would continue from the point they had been stopped so I don't think that if the scenario described could be realized that Klaus would die after becoming human again
Anyhow interesting thought and plot!


i think that klaus is just wanting to increase his powers maybe he wants to have the powers of a vampire & a werewolf combined


me like this theory. kudos for this. haha


The best one so far. Love it!


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