The Vampire Diaries Set Visit: A Photo Diary

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Try not to hate me, TV Fanatic readers, but I was fortunate enough to spend a day on the set of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta this week.

I recounted my visit with the stars in this diary, and we'll be running my video interviews with various cast members over the coming weeks on the site.

Return for those, and enjoy this set of exclusive photos of me with Ian, Paul and company. Let's hope I successfully Photoshopped out all my drool...

Paul Wesley Set Shot
Nina Dobrev Set Pic
Steven R. McQueen Set Shot
Katerina Graham Set Shot
Sara Canning Set Shot
Matt Davis Set Shot
Candice Accola Set Shot
Vampire Diaries Set Shot

i so glad of you
ilove all partispat on the film


I would love to spend a day on the set and meet the cast !!


I'm so jealous it's not even funny!


She's so lucky! :)


Now I'm jealous.


OMG! The cave looks like the real thing.


AWE are they as CUTE and CUDDLELY in person has they are on TV. Your a lucky, GIRL. SOOOOO JEALOUS ; )


Dala, you took the words right out of my lucky!!!!

Gaby ee

I'm SO jealous! lol I would definitely be drooling too :P


Wow you are so lucky! thanks for sharing....

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