The Vampire Diaries Set Visit: A Report

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Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to spend a day on the set of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta. I saw some great things, met amazing people and got some awesome new information from the cast.

Yes, that's me with Ian Somerhalder below. This is how the day went...

I arrived on set around 10 a.m. and saw a glimpse of where the Mystic Falls High School outdoor scenes are shot. I was taken on a quick tour before setting up my interview location, which was Caroline's porch. We were given time to walk around the studio and check out some sets (pictures to come in the days ahead).

Ian Somerhalder on Set

I was very impressed by the Lockwood dungeon set, as it looks like it is literally under the ground, with real chains and an iron door. It’s always cool to see what it actually looks like when you watch a show that boasts such great homes and locations. Caroline’s house was a blast to hang out in all day, as well. It looks exactly like an actual residence inside, and her bed is actually incredibly comfortable.

Her bedroom is set up with everything you see on TV, but it’s all real. Someone could move in tomorrow! Another thing I want to point out is the positive and relaxed energy everyone on the set maintains. The cast makes you feel more like a member for the day, rather than an outsider.

Coincidentally, Candice Accola strolled in while her character's house was being raided. Candice spent time on set after her interview was finished just to watch and be friendly. She is extremely sweet, and was happy to tell me where the cool sets were while we hung out in her character's hallway.

My first interview was with Katerina Graham. She is 5’4”, but appears much shorter in person. Katerina was very kind and spoke to me about Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship, what Dr. Martin gave to her, and also about the chances of her cousin returning to town.

Next up was Sara Canning and Matthew Davis. I put these two together because they were constantly interacting with each other during their interviews. You can most definitely tell that they are the best of friends, and have amazing chemistry. Matt is a riot. He just loves to goof around and play with people; I can tell he’s probably the trouble maker/prankster on set. He actually decided to crash an interview or two of mine, but he definitely kept the mood light and friendly.

I spoke to Candice after Matt, and she was really a sweet, fun girl. We talked about the nicknames Damon gives her as a vampire, Matt, Tyler, and much more.

Steven R. McQueen was easily the most laid back of the bunch. We talked about whether or not Jeremy is still interested in entering vampiredom, how he’s grown as a person, and how he will be involved in the sacrifice ritual. Steven was in the middle of giving a set tour to a few people, and I can only imagine the laughs they had on their way.

VD Set pic

After Steven, we broke for lunch around 4 p.m. Some of the cast actually joined the crew in the lunch area, so that was great to see.

After lunch, I got to sit down and chat with Paul Wesley, who had me laughing when I asked him about his Twitter account. Return to TV Fanatic to watch the video of Paul professing his newfound love with Tweeting. We also spoke about Stefan’s vervain tolerance, whether or not Stefan would change Elena, his tattoo (which is actually his), and which clips he hopes make it into the blooper reel.

Nina Dobrev had to be pulled away for scenes a few times, but finally made it to interview. Though she had a long day (and my interview wasn’t the end of it), she was in great spirits. We spoke about her emotional exhaustion of playing both characters, the similarities between Katherine and Elena, and also Isobel. I have to say, it was a bit eerie speaking to Nina in person, as I watch her every week playing two different characters (which she does brilliantly.)

They saved the best for last, as Ian Somerhalder closed out the interviews. He is actually more handsome in person than he is on television, which one would think would be physically impossible. Ian is so extremely thought out in his process of answering interview questions, and you can tell he has a deep sense of responsibility to the show, caring about his character and the rest of the cast very much.

Ian and I spoke about the lengths his character is willing to go to in order to keep Elena safe, developing two different types of chemistry with Nina, and whether or not he would change someone into a vampire in order to help take down Klaus. Ian was also game for taking some photos with me, including one of us slow dancing. Both Ian and Paul were wearing their vampire daylight rings; awesome to see in person.

To end the long day of a total of 10 hours on set, we wrapped up around 8 p.m. All in all, this cast and crew seem like the most down to earth people you’d want to be around. None of the cast members are arrogant, and even though some of the actors were interviewing between shooting, they were courteous and great sports. This was definitely an experience I will never forget, and I have a new appreciation for the work our favorite actors do while remaining grounded and humble.

I can’t wait for you all to see the videos! They'll be posted over the coming days and weeks.


Please what ever you do do not kill Damon and I think you should Make kluas and caralin date and tyler and hally date and elanna and Damon start dateing and stefin and kathrin start dateing and then getalark come back please


I want to meet the cast of the vampier diaries I'm only 10 years old my b-day is on febuary 4 I know all the casts names eleena damon stefen I have watched all 3 and some of the fourth seasoni can't what for the new show tomorro good night


Omg love your job oh I was curious can u give me a location on google maps or sumthing like an adress of the set please I really want your job


Phenmoneal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!


YOU ARE EXTREMELY LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i would faint if i was that close to damon(ian)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good for you :)


Ian's eyes just killed me. Lucky you! I'm glad they are cool and down-to-earth and you had a great time on their set. =)

David and sabrina 2014

congrats!! You must feel really lucky to have the vampire diaries cast meet you. I just also hope that I get to meet them too and it's amazing if can meet them someday. My real name is Jacqueline Zambrano and I live in Ontario,California.I call myself Jacqueline Elena Salvatore because it's my fansite name and I love Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley soooooo much from their characters(by being a Stelena fan and Team Stefan). I'm real happy for you and I hope that I can truly meet them someday and feel as lucky as you.


great job you have, do you get PAID for meeting up with all those brilliant people!!!! have to say i,m really jealous especially getting to meet PAUL WESLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG !!! how the heck did you go into that !?? I want meet ♥♥♥Ian♥♥♥ toooooooo ...


I met Candice Accola and she IS the sweetest actress I have ever met. I just went to a small event to take her picture but she grabbed me and said you have to get in the shot ! She then laughed when I told her to bite the next fan in the neck for his photo. I see Candice in film as an "it" girl in the future. She has great timing and could very well be a household name.

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