True Blood Season Four Clip: The Protest is On...

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We already have a good idea of what the future holds for Bill and Sookie on season four of True Blood, and it's not warm or fuzzy.

But Jim Parrack told fan at last weekend's Paley Festival that his character of Hoyt and girlfriend Jessica would be "living together" and trying to act like a normal couple when this HBO hit returns.

The relationship will be tested by outside forces, however, as depicted in the following clip. Shown to the audience during the aforementioned event, it features Hoyt, Jessica and Pam, as they deal with protesters that take serious issue with the banging of any fangs...

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Oh this is so exciting, I couldnt hear some of what was said but it looks awesome so far!! I can't wait for season 4! :) & i do like Jessica & Hoyt they are adorable together!


I've always been a fan of Jessica and Hoyt since they first met. I hope this doesn't ruin their relationship overall because they're definitely one of my favorite pairings on TV right now. Can't wait for season 4 of True Blood!!

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