True Blood Spoilers: The End of Sookie and Bill...

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We already know that Eric will lose his memory on season four of True Blood, as this clip depicts the vampire in an unusually child-like state.

What else can fans look forward to this summer? Various cast members gathered over the weekend at PaleyFest in Beverly Hills and revealed a few scoops and spoilers. To wit...

True Blood PaleyFest Poster

A Breakup for Bookie: Creator Alan Ball offered little hope for reconciliation between Sookie and Bill, telling the crowd: “[Bill's] betrayal [of Sookie] is so deep that I don’t think she sees a way back from that."

How will Godric return? Ball wouldn't specify, but teased that ancient blood suckers “can go back [in time]... or they can appear in people’s dreams.”

The State of Sookie: Says Anna Paquin over there her character will be, figuratively and literally: "She's been on a bit of an adventure, she comes back. She's still very new to all this fairy stuff."

Look out for... Yes, witches are coming, but they “are not the bringers of evil,” said Ball. “There’s an older entity that comes in.”

And also for... Denis O'Hare will return as Russell Edgington. "We specifically made the choice not to kill him," Ball said.

We’ll see a new Tara,” said Rutina Wesley. “She’s a lot more stable and she may find some happiness.”

Elsewhere... Sam will find a new love interest; Andy will experiment with V; we'll see a revealing flashback involving Pam and Eric; and Hoyt/Jessica will fight for public acceptance.

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I want my Eric/Sookie! Please. I hate this torturing. :/


Of course we don't want them back together true blood fans, we want Eric and Sookie together!!


I've read all the books, seen every episode, and I love it all. Thats how it should be. :)


Duplicating the books limits severely the quality of the ensemble cast - remember that Harris wrote the whole series in first person. Likewise, what would be the point to see visually everything that's already been read? The detours and character development created for the series brings a fresh perspective and adds a new level of enjoyment. Consider - the entire story line of Jason and his several relationships would be lost if simply related to Sookie or referred to by others in context with a conversation with Sookie. I consider the translation from Harris' work to screen play as a positive dynamic - we know what the story is about but we're being entertained as the story is being related from many perspectives rather than a single viewpoint. As for Sookie and Bill's break up - it was in the book and he later pursued the "Vampire" software product line in the book. I wonder if that will even be presented in the evolving story line or is it simply not relevant to it? You all certainly noticed that Sophie-Anne ended up with Russell at his estate and not at the hotel (that subsequently got trashed in the novels). Quite frankly I'm delighted with the way things are going. It's like seeing various versions of "The Mikado" - the 1938 Kenny Baker version was a cinematic delight but the Stratford Festival minimalist version of 1982 is still my favorite (that dreadful Eric Idle version is beneath consideration). Most books don't make it intact to the big (well, 32-inch) screen. I think what we're seeing is reward enough for reading all ten volumes or so, plus short stories.


Alan Ball has said in interviews that Bubba is being left out because he couldn't figure out a way to introduce him without it being cheesy and lame.


Tv Fanatic if you had your finger on the pulse of True Blood fans you would know that they don't want Sookie and Bill back together!!


The witches who come are "evil" at least int he book they were. And why did they leave Buba out of the show? Sad to say they are leaving the books behind and making up way too much. At least Sookie and Bill breaking up they are leaving alone.


Yes! This is great news!!! I am soooo ready for Eric and Sookie! :)


Can't wait for it to start.


Thanks for the Spoilers.....

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