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With only one more episode remaining this season, "Devil in a Blue Dress" really proved that this show should get a chance to return next season.

It began with Anna's plan to build Concordia in its first stage of construction. 

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If it wasn't for Sid, the Fifth Column would never have been able to put together that Concordia is a landing site for motherships around the world.

This boy genius even came back at the end to show his fellow Fifth Column members that the Visitors already have their other motherships waiting in the clearing to invade. He deserved more credit than his fellow mates had given him. It seemed like throughout this season, Sid had been picked on for being a dork, but that dork has kept The Fifth Column right on the Visitors' toes.

When Sid pressed the button to destroy the blue energy, I really thought shit would hit the fan. Alas, Ryan was there to deactivate it. This whole scene made me feel uneasy because I truly believed that if Sid would have completed the mission, Anna's plans would have been foiled.

I don't think it was a ploy when Diana pointed out to Marcus that she is not here to create peace, but wanted what is best for their kind. Diana desperately wants to be ruler again and won't stop at anything to become Queen, even if it means that she must become allies with the Fifth Column. 

Both Diana and the Fifth Column want the same thing: to overthrow Anna.

Anna's plan to destroy the human soul did not go the way she had planned. But now she has the ability to mind control the human race... at what cost? Seeing the damage it did to her to mind control only one human, why would Anna believe she could control millions at the same time?

Oddly enough, seeing the softer side of Anna when she nestled Ryan's baby girl made me uneasily like her. Who knows? As doubtful as it would be, maybe Anna's human, emotional side will be able to defeat what I believe to be the bigger evil: Diana.

I was surprised to not see more awkwardness or sparks flying between Erica and Kyle. All we got was a brief moment when they talked about what happened the night before. I can't be the only one wanting to see more passion.

At first, I wasn't sure if I even liked Kyle, but after he  was able to calm Erica down, I fell in love with the guy. There may be a dark secret side to him, but who doesn't love a man with an edge... and an accent.

Joshua was the highlight of the episode because he saved Lisa and, in turn, got his memory back. This was huge for the Fifth Column because out of all the Visitors, Joshua was the most trustworthy. He had already proved his loyalty to the human race by risking his life to end Anna's plan and I don't doubt for a second that he would do it again.

By far the best episode of not only the season, but the series. There is so much to look forward to in the season finale that I fear it will be anticlimactic.


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I also loved this episode but I hope that Diana does not die, she is the main reason I started to watch V again and will not watch if she is gone. Jane Badler is the best and its amazaing to see her as Diana once again.


Does V have a dedicated team of writers, or do they use different ones all the time? I would imagine much of the choppy writing and changes in character behaviour are because of this.... too many times it seems they come up with an idea which then goes nowhere, or they change everything halfway through, or the characters behave as though they had a personality transplant...
In any case, I would love to see it back for another season. Must keep writing to ABC.


Kyle and Erica are all sorts of hot! I liked the episode, I think it really delivered throughout, instead of just having an epic ending like the last few have been. Loved Erica & Kyle taking the time to talk about their "night", just wish we could've heard more. I hope they go somewhere with that story in season 3. Also, I really liked the ending scene with Anna & Amy - it's clear that she's developing an attachment to this girl, and Marcus' loyalty to Diana can only mean bad things for Anna. However, since she's supposed to survive the season finale, I guess we can assume that next week's coup de at fails - the only major things might be that it might expose Erica as the leader of 5th coloumn. Tyler is becoming more useless by the day (and so is Jack - did you see how Erica barely paid any attention to him yesterday?), so I would guess that those are the two to die in the finale. Or, at least one of them - my hope? Jack dies! With Tyler alive, Erica still has something to fight for, and Jack's death provides enough devastation for her to increase her attacks. Anyways, can't wait for next week!


I love this show...this show has so much suspense, vigor; it isn't like any of the shows on the other local networks. When the Concordia reactor was about to blow I was at the edge of my seat in the anticipation ofwhat was going to happen next. The season finale is gonna be amazing we shall see if Lisa will have the guts to kill her own mother the sake of mankind. By the way who do I email regarding the potential cancellation of this series?


Loved this episode!!!! Great review, couldn't have said it better myself. Hope this show wont get canceled. Kyle and Eric are so hot together!!! My only complaint is that the writers should have had more sex scenes.


What a disappointment... the storY has yet to Come together...it's worse than flashbacks. first it comes to a crescendo and then it dies as quick as it found roots....soap opera situations...PEOPLE DON'T SLEEP AROUND IN SYFY...ARE YOU KIDDING ME...I STOPPED WATCHING AND I DON'T MISS IT...HINT: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT INTERESTING S T O P KILLING OFF THE WRONG PEOPLE.....MY REGRET WAS THAT I CHOSE V OVER FRINGE,,,SHUCKS!

Tracy betts

I wish all V eps were like this! Every scene had a purpose, it was well directed and the dialogue had focus and direction. I love watching V, despite its flaws, maybe because I'm idealistic when it comes to this show; I see its potential. I truely believe they need to stick to this style of writing and directing. It flowed and it worked. Attempting to make a sci-fi style genre cater to a wider audience is tough to say the least, so V needs to be given some leeway here. They are trying. Here's to hoping they continue on this path and ABC gives it another shot. Also, they should add sex it up a little more. The sexual engergy between Hobbes and Erica was transfixing. Sex and action is an explosive combination, it keeps you glued to the screen.

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