Who is Getting Knocked Up on 90210?

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Naomi is totally getting knocked up.

On TV columnist Michael Ausiello's Facebook page this week, he announced that a 90210 character will discover she's pregnant on the show's May 16 season finale.

So, why do we suspect Naomi as the mother-to-be?

Max and Naomi

Because previous spoilers revealed that something will take place between Max and Naomi later this season that will prompt the former to stick around into season four.

This pretty much settles it, doesn't it? Or do you suspect someone else will get pregnant? Sound off now in our 90210 forum.


i love 90210 it is alsome it gets better and better :)


It should be Annie and Liam to have the baby because if you watch the promo for the season finale they have a fight and the baby thing could get them back together!


It shouldn't be Naomi because Jen had a baby so we've already had one from that family.
It shouldn't be Aid because she's already had a baby.
It shouldn't be Silver because Navid has already dont the whole pregnant girlfriend thing.
It shouldn't be Annie because her and Liam are finally a normal couple, not worrying about Naiomi or Annie's cousin. This would just ruin things.
It shouldn't be Deb because Ryan has a baby and doesn't need another one.
That only leaves Ivy, and she should have a baby!! :D


I think it will be Ivy! Her boyfriend only has a couple years so she might want to keep it so she will have a part of him with her forever. But then it could be Naomi because her relationship is big at the moment, but they could also have a different storyline like people taking the mic or that brainy girl being jealous and trying to steel him from Naomi.


It's going to be Naomi. Not with Max though because it just wouldn't be logical. I think they are going to put her character through hell and make it a rape pregnancy. Max will stay around to help her take care of the baby (even though she may abort).


I have a feeling itll be Ivy, cause Naomi already had that very big rape story line so I dont think she’d get pregnant, I doubt Adrianna will be pregnanat again. I also don’t think it’ll be Deb because I read somewhere that the adults wouldn’t be having any big storylines anymore, and it probably won’y be Silver either, as she already has the big bipolar storyline lined up. I think it’ll be Ivy because it will put a good twist, as Raj has cancer and only has about 3 or 4 years to live, therefore it’ll be hard for Ivy to cope and that promises a good storyline.


I think adrianna is going to fake a pregnancy to get Navid back! More lies wouldn't help her career though.


Ok don't forget about Annie and Dixons mom. She has been recently sexually active. Since they've already had the teen pregnancy. I think its gonna be their mom. Ain't she leaving after.this.season anyway. It'd be just right.


I actually would think its Silver because what could make Ade want to commit suicide? right? imagine your ex getting someone else pregnant ...they already had that between them ... i dont know...but i go around to every female character and cant imagine it at all...another teen pregnancy is craziness.. the rotation is too predictable...and its getting old.


It should be Annie the pregnant one! it's been a long time since she had a strong storyline and I think it's about time for her to have one! And with Liam being the father, this could be an interesting one, don't you think!

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