Who Needs Sex Counseling on Glee?

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Gwyneth Paltrow will do more than just cover "Landslide" when she returns to Glee next week.

As Holly Holiday, the Oscar winner will take over the school's sex education class, eventually focusing on one couple in need of bedroom tips: Emma and Carl.

"It turns out their sex life isn't all that," Matthew Morrison tells Entertainment Weekly, not exactly revealing a bombshell, considering these two barely know each other and, well, Emma is really, really neat.

Carl and Emma

What other sexual activity will play a role on an episode aptly titled "Sexy?"

"I find out the glee club is having a lot of sex and they’re not really informed as to what’s going on," Morrison adds. "Holly and I come up with an idea to teach them through song about the dangers of sex.”

So, we've had the bullying episode... the alcohol episode... and now we can look forward to the sex episode. Sound off in our Glee forum: are you excited for it?

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Two words: Uncle Jesse.


I think its good for the show to do this. I personally like the show because there in highschool and they have to deal with these issues. At my school in highschool we still did sex ed so i think it will be more like that. I would be alarmed if they did not touch on the subject. I thought they should have done it last year when Quinn was pregnant.. maybe there getting at that could have been prevented if they touched on it. I dont think it will be too preachy i have not found any of the episodes too preachy yet!


oh great, another episode where we get to learn a lesson.. Is it just me or is glee not as interesting as it was last year..?


Ugh, I just need Klaine to get their mac on. AND the Kurt/Burt talk, I'm totally looking forward to it haha.


I look forward to this episode. Singing about sex? Who couldn't enjoy that? What's the bet that at some point in this episode Will and Holly have sex?


Oh great so now they're going to teach about sex? It better not come off to preachy like the alcohol episode @kitty I totally agree they're borderline after school special at this point!


I just want an awkward Burt/Kurt sex talk, that's all I ask. (And this just proves how unobservant Mr. Shue is, seeing as how he is just now realizing they have sex, seeing Quinn got pregnant last year and Puck and Santana basically personify sex.)


It's not like they have to inform them about what sex can lead to. Quinn spend the whole last season being pregnant and I think most people know about STDs etc.


Oh please not ANOTHER lecture from Glee... I'm tired of being talked down to by a TV show.
Honestly, it feels more and more like an after-school-special instead of a primetime musical-comedy show.
What was wrong with simply being a FUN show about tolerance towards all sorts of different characters?
I just hope that Holly Holiday will bring as much fun as she did last time! Maybe this way it won't be as boring as the last episode...

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