Wonder Woman in Action: Adrianne Palicki Set Shots

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She's gone from posing for promotional photos to taking action on the streets.

Adrianne Palicki has been spotted on the set of the Wonder Woman reboot, running around in a suit that's been tweaked a bit from its original unveiling. Take a look at her now and let us know: are you excited for this NBC pilot?

Or does the idea of David E. Kelley reviving a classic comic book franchise make your stomach turn?

Adrianne Palicki on Set
Wonder Woman Set Shot

[Photos: WENN.com]

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I wonder how she'll look if they try the black tights she is currently wearing in the book rather than the blue ones? Black might go better with the red. She did don another black outfit with black leggings in another storyline, and that outfit was well received.


I just read up on it in the Huffington Post. So yes, Wonder Woman wears pants now...Jim Lee (who used to work for Marvel and then started his own comic book company then later sold it to DC Comics and became DC Comics Co-Publisher) gave her pants for Wonder Woman's 600th issue. So okay, I stand corrected on the fact that she never wore pants (except for the Justice Lords version) but still, Wonder Woman in pants is just so weird. The original costume was a classic. And considering the animosity towards David E. Kelley's interpretation of the comic. Well, we'll see.


wonder woman is wearing pants in the comic for now but like very other super hero who had their classic iconic costume radically changed it will go back to what it was before. She's currently in some time shift alternate reality thing cause someone screwed with amazonia so I'm guessing it's a temporary change for the current storyline. Anyhow that costume looks terrible. The corset at least should have been made of leather like proper greek gladiatorial stuff not PVC. A big improvement on the clown whore original but i think they should wipe it and go back to the drawing board. Especially for guys, how she looks is a big hook for the show, adrianne palicki is gorgeous why sabotage her with ugly pants? At least make them shorts like the original wonder woman had 1940's style and show a bit of leg. So far it's one massive costume and design department FAIL.


I love Adrienne Palicki Im so excited 2 c her in action, I agree I hated the shiny pants but I think she looks great and im looking forward to the pilot episode.


I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and was not too happy with the earlier promo pics. Hated those shiny pants, at least these look better. Reserving most of my judgement till I watch the first episode.


Her hair just looks weird. She must have superspeed or something.


Just a FY1 wonder Woman does wear them now


I agree! Wonder Woman never wore pants...unless you're talking about the Justice Lords' Wonder Woman. But is it me or she doesn't look as good in action? We'll see.


hm, I hope the long pants are temporary. Wonder woman in long pants just isn't wonder woman