Ahead on The Vampire Diaries: Three Key Deaths!

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I was wrong.

In a March column, I surmised that a character on The Vampire Diaries would die on the season two finale. Turns out, according to an interview Katerina Graham gave to TV Guide, I was off by two:

"Three huge characters are going to die - solid characters - and it's going to change the destiny of the show," the actress said.

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Hmmm... the show has already revealed that Klaus requires three specific types of people for his sacrifice: a witch, a werewolf and a vampire. Does this mean one of each will perish?

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i saw the promo for 'the last day' and it said someone is going to make a choice that will "shatter their world" (which i guess means dying)... and the options that it showed are: elijah, caroline, matt, katherine, damon, alaric and stefan... i really hope it's matt. all of the others are cool! i've heard rumours that either stefan or damon will die before the finale, but i'm pretty sure that if one of them does die, it won't be permanently. i'm fine with matt dying - caroline belongs with tyler and matt's a dooche so he can die =)


Well I hope john dies, Matt can die too since Caroline kinda like tyler and it would be very interesting to see the Vampwolf thing.
Katherine could die too but I think she's the best part of nina so I wouldn't appreciate that, I'd prefer to lose Jeremy


Please not Caroline!!! I love Caroline and Tyler!!!!


I guess not every single one of those three deaths will be a "permanent" one. So it's quite possible that one of the main characters dies and then comes back to life later. - so there is a chance of Elena dying.
Other than that, I kinda hope Matt dies. There's no future to his character, though i realize he's neither a vamp, nor, wolf, nor witch.


1. Isobel
2. Alaric
3. Jules


Considering the main plot is the love triangle between Damon/Elena/Stefan I think those characters are safe. And I hope the don't turn Elena, it's too soon.
Other characters that I hope won't die:
Katherine (please, please, please give her one more season)
(Liz) Sadly I think Alaric or John will die and probably Kath. Either Matt or Jenna is also going to die. Bonnie on the other hand is safe because she's the only witch...


they kept to the plot from the books very keeping the major ones. one of the major ones is elena dies but she comes back. katherine also dies. elena kills her. it mite not happen that way becuase they changed from the books so much but odds are elena will be dead for a short period of time


My guesses: Jules, Matt and ?
It would be extremly stupid to kill off Damon or Caroline or Elena ... Even Katherine would not be the best decision to make, even though her story is probably told?


For those who care more about the supporting characters then the main characters dying. I hope that the jeremys and the Alarcics don't die. But they don't carry the show. So if they got killed it wouldn't make a big difference in the story line. But you kill off characters that have so much more of story then that's a mistake. So you better hope a Caroline, Damon, Tyler, Bonnie, Stefan and Elena don't get killed because then the show will go down hill from there and the supporting characters won't have anything to do! It's these main characters that give eveybody else a purpose.


As long as they don't touch Jeremy.....or Bonnie because I like seeing Jeremy happy.....I don't give a crap who gets killed.

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