American Idol Elimination: A Shocking Result

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American Idol bid farewell to a performer many felt would go all the way here in Season 10, and who some believed turned in the best performance the night before.

It was the second wild American Idol results show in three weeks, and the judges may be scratching their heads, wishing they had that save back right about now.

No offense to Casey Abrams, but come on.

Most pundits felt that the Bottom Three would be made of Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone. That would have been two-thirds correct, but ...

Pia Toscano on American Idol

Pia Toscano joined Jacob and Stefano on the block, and she's the one who ended up leaving! The judges were understandably shocked, but the votes don't lie.

"What a shock, what a surprise," Ryan Seacrest said, while Jennifer Lopez could not hold back the tears. "I have no idea what just happened here," she said.

"I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

"We're all in shock," said Randy Jackson. "I'm gutted."

Are you? Did the voters make as bad a call as the judges think? Or was Pia not as great as she's cracked up to be by some? Who's the favorite to win now?

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I don't know why this was a shock to anyone. Maybe a shock that she was eliminated early, but she wasn't going to win anyway. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, this season is filled with artists. She was not one. She was a singer. And yes, this is a SINGING competition, but you have to prove you have "it". Look at anyone that is left. Really with the exception of Stefano, they all move, they all grove, they all get down. They own the stage. She didn't own the stage. Even after Paul's one song and Ryan had everyone dancing on the stage, she just more or less stood there, clapping her hands. And all she sang was ballads. Yes, technically you can make a career of it, but on a show like American Idol it just gets boring.


If you really expect us to believe that all those negative votes were from the viewers, you need a new brain. This is all fixed, they the TV exec's know who the seasons winner is before the contest even begins. Thats why i stopped watching the show. Its more than obvious, the fix is on.


Pia was born with a pretty face and a talent. She would never be an IDOL she didn't have the convidence and she admitted it to the millions watching. She sounded pretty pittaful really "I promise to do better" I was surprized when she said it. But not surprized when she was voted off!


Come on. She's overrated. She's not as good as the judges think she is. Yes, she can sing but she is not THAT good. Her voice becomes thin when she goes high notes and her voice is also quite shaky sometimes. And she comes across to me as being a bit too pageanty and I don't feel her when she sings. It's a matter of time until she leaves. She might have left too early, but it's sooner or later.
Though I have to agree, it seems like there is no clear winner right now. Unlike the past two or three seasons where there is always someone REALLY consistent and REALLY good and very likely to be the winner like Lambert and Bowersox (but also ended up at only first runner up), right now I think we are back to how it was for the earlier seasons where we really see the contestants grow and mature and eventually deliver a TRULY outstanding performance worthy of being crowned the Winner. I hope these contestants really shine in the end. I have high hopes for Lauren, Paul, Casey and even James.


Moira - really?!? You prefer the poor man's Adam Lambert, to the most talented person on this year's show? This show is circling the drain - noone over the age of 18 votes and the same guy continues to win over and over (3 seasons in a row - cute guy with spiky hair - but sells no CDs). Terrible. Girls hate attractive successful women and feel the need to tear each other down. This is simply more evidence of that.




Guess it doesn't matter, she'll become famous anyways


I couldn't stand Pia. She's what I call a "screamer." Her high notes are screechy, not controlled as are James'. She also IMHO has nothing unique to her. I was delighted when she was the one voted off. And I think it sends a message to the judges that they do not control the show.


I have to agree with Kayla... she just didnt connect with me in any emotional way. The only time i connected with her was her last performance after she got kicked off and when she started to cry bec the shell she puts up finally was knocked down and you could see a real person. Dont get me wrong, SHE HAS AN AMAZING VOICE just nothing i connect with.

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