Army Wives Review: "Walking Wounded"

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I loved the scenes with Denise and Claudia Joy at the beach house this week on Army Wives. What an incredibly beautiful place to run to. The beach outside the window, the sounds of the ocean; just watching had a calming effect.

When Frank showed up, they had a conversation that really needed to be discussed. In the end, it gave them both a better understanding of how they were coping, and erased their inaccurate perceptions of how the other was handling their loss of Jeremy.

Frank and Denise Sherwood

Unfortunately, the visit to the beach made Claudia Joy's ability to cope with the memories of her own daughter's death almost impossible to avoid.

I could feel the pain Claudia Joy was experiencing as she saw Amanda around every corner. I couldn't even imagine the memories it was bringing up for her.

The scenes themselves, however, were doubly confusing because they didn't use the same actress who actually played Amanda. So, even when Amanda turned around, I didn't know it was supposed to be her. It took me a few scenes to understand that in her mind, Claudia Joy was picturing Amanda. Was anyone else confused? (Update: Nope, I was the only one confused. It WAS Kim Allen, the original Amanda. Her hair is lighter and she looks healthier, but it was her. That makes the scenes, viewed a second time, much more powerful!)

I knew that Roxy was planning her life without Trevor. If he could only understand what she was feeling, he might be able to help walk her through this, but they are just circling different worlds.  It felt like every word that came out of his mouth was harsh and showed he was doubtful of her ability to provide for her family.

It would take on a different perspective if they showed him struggling with his absence, but I don't feel like he is the same man who left for duty. Perhaps we will learn his current emotional distance is his own reaction to Jeremy's loss. As it stands now, he is not my favorite husband.

Did anyone imagine Roxy would turn to Whit to build the truck stop at half the price general contractors charge in the area? He made it pretty clear he would do almost anything for her when he was in town. Is Trevor a part of Frank's squad? Will he be coming home early to a newly thriving friendship between Roxy and Whit?

It felt so good for Roland to hear Frank thank him for what he did for Jeremy. I think his death completely wiped out of Roland's mind why Jeremy went to him in the first place. Attempted suicide. Roland gave the Sherwoods their son back, even if other events took him in the end. That's nothing to dismiss.

The gentle way Joan handled his sorrow, without giving up on his ability to bounce back was more evidence that my assessment of a marriage in despair at the beginning of the season was way off base.

I'm loving the scenes between Chase and Pamela. To finally have a storyline where they are on the same page and not fighting their separate life paths was a welcome relief to the more serious drama playing out in "Walking Wounded."

The baby playing Molly is so incredibly beautiful. As she smiles and gazes into Denise's eyes, I just melt. The baptism was the perfect way for our characters to start fresh and step forward into life again. Troubles will always be there to create tension for them to address, but I'll take the happy moments and savor them when given.

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Kim Allen ...
Amanda Holden
it was original actress


Trevor is acting like a bossy biatch. It's sad that Claudia doesnt feel comfy with telling her hubby about her gyn visit


The show was very good and had me start crying in quite a few times of the show...the actos are very good who play their parts and its such a touching show that i look forward to this every sunday...


I'll have to rewatch. At first I thought it looked like Amanda, but it was (I think) a picture. But I like what Spc Wade said, too. It is sometimes hard to remember the faces of loved ones. Good thought about Trevor maybe getting off his butt if Whit is in town. So many possibilities with this show, all the time! Love it!


Sometimes it is difficult to picture in your mind what a deceased loved one looked like. I wonder if that is what the writers were trying to convey?


love love love army wives, i have loved kim delaney since her early days on "ALL MY CHILDREN" the cast is superb


Loved the scenes between Claudia Joy and Denise, especially the last one when Denise told Claudia Joy that Amanda loved her. Heartbreaking! The two actresses were awesome, I seriously cried the whole time! Well the scenes where Claudia Joy thought she was seeing Amanda were amazing! Actually Kim Allen (the actress who played Amanda) came back for this episode and if you look at the scenes, you can see that there is everytime the real girl (who's not Amanda) and then there's Amanda (that Claudia Joy imagines to see). It's very quick, but it's there! ;)


I'm looking forward to see the new friendship of Whit and Roxy. Maybe Trevor will see that he is not supporting his wife right now and will fight for her and be the same men he was before he went for duty...

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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Claudia-Joy: Let's go for a walk.
Denise: Really? Is that how you got over Amanda's death? A hearty breakfast and long walks?

Pamela: I can only fool around with my fiance once week.
Roxy: Hey, it's more than I'm getting!