Blue Bloods Review: Death On the Catwalk

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Blue Bloods ventured outside it's comfort zone and onto the runway at Fashion Week with mixed results. "Model Behavior" gave us just what you'd expect. Lots of beautiful backstabbers willing to sacrifice one another to get ahead.

Linda's sister Wendy played stage mom to her model daughter Sophie and made normally confident Linda doubt herself. Linda felt so guilty about wearing a designer dress she planned to return that she was making the sign of the cross as she walked in the door. She was trying to impress the sister that always made her feel not good enough. The irony was that Linda's normal self confident demeanor made Wendy feel like a fraud. 

A Dead Model

Wendy certainly isn't Danny's favorite in-law. He admited to Jackie that he's never had anything good to say about Wendy and probably never will but he'll still cover this case. A woman was killed, his niece was poisoned, and in the end, Wendy is still family.

When Danny and Jackie found Harry's body in his apartment, having just committed suicide I had two thoughts. I know New York City apartments are notoriously small but was the man's bathtub actually in his kitchen? And wasn't it apropos that the hairdresser killed himself with a pair of scissors.

What was up with Renzulli checking up on Jamie's computer search? Did he not trust his partner or was there something more sinister going on?  Could Renzulli be a part of the Blue Templar conspiracy?  I honestly doubt it but it is an intriguing thought.

Father McMurray being forced to leave St. Luke's was an interesting side story. The church was going to send him to Bolivia? They weren't kidding around when they decided they wanted him gone. 

My favorite part of the story was that it showcased how important their faith is to the Reagan family. Father McMurray was there to bury Henry's wife, and Frank's wife and son. He even baptized Jamie. He wasn't just a collar delivering a sermon at the front of the church. This man meant something to this family.  The idea that he'd be removed from his post due to a false allegation was devastating to them.

But I also appreciated that they showed the issue from both sides.  The domino effect of bad publicity of this nature could be far reaching.  Schools and senior citizen programs, people who have nothing to do with the actual event, could be affected by how this was handled.

In the end the Bishop decided to lead with the truth.  As much as I appreciated that decision, I would have liked to have seen the fallout as well.

Although this wasn't one of my favorite episodes, it's always comforting to spend time with the Reagan family at the end of a Friday night.


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what actor played part of priest


The faith angle was rather icky and too delicately handled to be plausible. Isn't there at least one Reagan at the dinner table who lost his religion in college? Ex-Catholics are a common commodity. Every family should have one. The story would have been more interesting if it turned out the charges had some merit, despite the victim's history of mental illness. (Illness would just make her easier to exploit.) I half expected it to take that turn, with the commissioner realizing at some point he'd been lied to. But no, they chicken out: innocence is a given, but the bishop caves in over one false accusation. What bishop has ever done that, even recently? These guys are known for hanging tough, and if there's any chance the priest was innocent, they'd milk it for all it's worth and crow that they were victims of a media hunt. In any event, the rap against the church is that it covered up abuse and failed to cooperate with the authorities: the Bolivia transfer was just more of the same. Exile to South America doesn't solve anything -- or are the women in South America not entitled to protection? And what was with his eminence? He wasn't nearly angry, tough or defiant enough to be the bishop of NYC. These guys eat the media for breakfast. The entire episode was a cop out. And let's face it: Danny's a thug. I do not like this show.


I love this show--it just gets better each week.


Yes, what the heck was up with Renzulli? Curiousity got the better of him or is it something more. It was an odd moment.


To Virg: Although CBS has not officially renewed the show yet, the ratings have been very good all season. I think it's a safe bet we'll be seeing Blue Bloods back for a second season.


Showing Tom Selleck in the confessional first crossing himself, tells me he is not catholic and confessing was in poor taste. Stupid penance, and bad acting on the priest. Brian Burns doesn't know the current way a confessional is used. You need to have a real priest as technical advisor. The Bishop was dressed wrong. The priest actor in the confessional had a dress coat and NO STOLE. Meeting the priest actor in a church, stupid, were you trying to convey this as a catholic church.


Still wish TS would stop the BS and get his own show.
Is this going to be back next season?


I deeply appreciated the side story about the priest. It addressed issue with fairness and clarity from more than one angle, as represented at the Reagan dinner. There is still a lot of lingering anger and heartache regarding the scandal, and the fallout was more far-reaching than many could anticipate.

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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Everything has a cost, even the truth. But the reward for truth is a clear eye and a clear conscience.


Jackie: Oh, the sister I don't hear anything nice about.
Danny: And you never will hear anything good about her but unfortunately her daughter's in a coma because someone tried to kill her.