Blue Bloods Review: Danny's Dangerous Game

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Danny played a deadly game of chicken with a Mexican drug lord in one of the most exciting Blue Bloods episodes of the season this week.

"To Tell the Truth" featured Danny as the star witness to a murder that could finally put drug kingpin Ramundo Salazar behind bars. But Salazar's known for being ruthless. Former witnesses in Mexico never made it to trial. They were either brutally killed or simply disappeared.

Laughing with Danny

Danny of course, was not easily deterred. It was typical Danny, telling Salazar he couldn't scare him, even though I thought he was being pretty naive. That was a lot of bravado for a man with a wife and kids. Of course, deep down, he believed he could protect them. Sometimes Danny needs to be reminded that he isn't indestructible. That entire scene telegraphed what was to come.

I wondered if Henry had his six shooter on his hip when he picked up the kids at school. They never showed it but it wouldn't surprise me. Henry's a man who would take the protection of his grandkids pretty seriously. Of course, the police escort didn't hurt, either. 

I liked Linda's quick realization that the cops picking her up were imposters. Being a cop's wife, it made sense that she became wary. Unfortunately, that awareness came too late and there was no way to escape. Linda never looked smaller than when she was fighting off her kidnappers.

Overall, this series is all about family and it showed through once again. Frank gathered the troops, telling Erin and Jamie that Salazar had Linda and that he didn't like her chances of survival if the media found out. The calm directness in Frank's delivery was what made it so frightening. Over the top hysterics were unnecessary. The bare facts were dramatic enough.

When Jamie found an important lead that may have been overlooked, I found it interesting that he went to his father with it. Perhaps the rookie needed Frank's assurance that his findings were as important as he thought. It turned into a nice father/son moment as Jamie continued to grow into his role in the family business.

One of my favorite scenes was when Danny finally came clean with Jackie. We didn't even need to hear their words. Their body language spoke volumes. She's his partner. Jackie was all in and she wasn't leaving Danny's side until Linda was safe.

I was expecting a little more action with Linda's rescue, but at the same time I was glad they didn't draw it out too long. That Linda had complete faith that Danny would find her said a lot about their relationship. I thought it was great that they cut right to Sunday dinner with the kids asking Mom how her spa day was. Poor Linda certainly earned a spa trip and, if Danny were smart, he'd book one for his wife ASAP.


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i never miss blue bloods i love dannys attitude on bluebloods i would incurage every one to watch bluebloods


Loved this episode. As others have said it kept me on the edge of my seat. My favorite moment was when Danny told Jackie about Linda. It was so poignant that I teared up. The ending scene was wonderfully done. Frank was right -- a lot of families don't make time for the Sunday dinner anymore and it's sad. While I have been loving the Danny-centric episodes I do wish they would focus on other family members more. All in all, though, I'm loving this series.


Another fantastic episode from this phenomenal series. I was on the edge of seat the entire hour. And as always, I loved the family dinner at the end of this wonderful episode and even more so this week.


Great episode...I was glued to the TV. Love this show...hope it gets renewed.


great episode, great show. btw - peruvian not mexican :-)


It's frustrating when a tv show insults our intelligence by writing something in a script that is beyond possible reality. In the real world, the cop & his entire family would have been put in witness protection from the day after the incident until it was no longer dangerous 4 them 2 b out in public. The cop who was the witness in such a dangerous case certainly would NOT have been investigating the case, or making any arrests, or anything like that. Please keep the scripts more realistic. Plus, the music is so loud that we can't understand the words. We have 2 have the closed caption on; so, we can read what's being said. Otherwise, we love the show, adore the actors & characters! Thank you. D & Bel in Florida ;0


What a great episode! Love the family dynamics!


Another awesome episode. I really want this show to come back for a second season!


Another awesome episode. I really want this show to come back for a second season!


GREAT show! Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire hour. Tom Selleck is a rock for the family. And I love the family dinner scenes and his comment- "Family is what makes us strong." I hope this show continues- and don't mess with the 'formula', CBS!!

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