Body of Proof Review: "Society Hill"

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Do medical examiners really do this much investigation on cases?

I always assumed that detectives did the field work but if that were the case on Body of Proof then I suppose we wouldn't have much of a show.

"Society Hill" threw Megan back into the high society life she had as a top neurosurgeon. It was a life she claimed to loathe but I wonder if that was before or after she lost her career.

Megs at Work

Megan accepted her mother's invitation to a society party so that she could track down a suspect. Megan's interrogation techniques were not exactly subtle but later she explained to Peter that she was trying to get a picture of Collin's eyes and she needed him to widen them. Well, yanking out his hair and then accusing him of murder would definitely accomplish that.

Steven Burkett, Daphne's nervous assistant did such a wonderful job of playing a chronic hair puller that I kept rubbing my head. My scalp was sore just watching him.

I loved Curtis. He didn't only analyze the bugs. He didn't just talk to them. Curtis sang to his maggots. Then he told Megan that the squirmy little worm and his entire family were high on aspirin. I found the maggots disgusting but Curtis was adorable.

It looked like Megan believed her Mom cared more about her society friends than about her. Funny how Megan's daughter Lacey believed her mother's career as a neurosurgeon was more important to Megan than Lacey. I'm noticing a family pattern here.

Peter inviting Megan out for drinks with the crew was a nice moment.  It was one more small step in Megan becoming a part of the team. Too bad it was interrupted by Mom and a break in the case.

I also enjoyed the song at the end of the show. Maybe by Ingrid Michaelson was both cheery and melancholy enough to fit the moment.

The actual murder by electrocution was an interesting twist and one I didn't see coming. I was happy to see Bud jump in and read the murderer her rights before she said anything further.  That certainly seemed like something a detective should do. 

Do medical examiners really get to interrogate suspects? Oh, never mind. As long as Dana Delany is doing the interrogating, I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Yes, the hair pulling made me crazy the entire episode. Ouch! It looks like Megan's issues with her mother are parallel to the ones with her daughter but they keep trying to work those out all the way around. I hate maggots but love Curtis.


I too found it a bit odd that Joanna Cassidy was playing Dana Delany's mom since they are only 11 years different. However, Dana does look young... wait that won't work because Joanna looks great too. Oh well, I am a big fan of both actresses and it is GREAT seeing Joanna back on TV. She was great on Rockford Files and it's great seeing her again!


I was wondering about the age difference too but Dana easily looks ten years younger than she is so I guess the casting still works. And Curtis is a standout each week. He loves his bugs and is much cuter about it than Grissom on CSI.


Apparently you don't remember Quincy. He was always investigating a murder and he was an ME. LOVE this show!!!


I adore this show! The cases are always interesting and I just love the characters. The Megan and Peter moment was sweet, and Dana had me feeling SO bad for Megan when she was talking to her mom. Awesome episode. Amazing show. Fantastic cast. :) Oh, and Rufus Firefly: That is strange, now that you point it out. The thing is, there is NO WAY in hell that Dana Delany looks 55. So maybe in the BOP universe Megan is younger? Who knows. Dana is what I'd call ageless. :)


You need to go back and watch old episodes of Quincy - with Jack Klugman! The original investigative medical examiner!


Truly loving this show more and more. Curtis is also one of my favorites, his accent alone makes me smile.


Did anyone else find it odd that Joanna Cassidy, who is only eleven years older than Dana Delany, was cast as Megan's mother?


Every week I look forward to the Curtis moments. He's the comic relief without being a clown and still manages to be good at his job.

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I feel sorry for you Megan. You don't know what it's like to have friends.


Peter: I thought you hated your life in Chestnut Hill?
Megan: Hated is a little strong. I loathed it.